Week 8 Arrowhead Live staff predictions

With a primetime matchup against the New York Giants, the Chiefs need a win to get on the right track, let’s see if our staff agrees.

Price Carter

Chiefs 33 – Giants 20

The Giants are incredibly banged up on the offensive side of the ball and they just lost one of their better players for the season on defense. With that being said the Chiefs cannot take anything for granted at this point. I expect Joe Judge to play a true underdog role on Monday Night Football and have some tricks up his sleeves. Keep an eye out for fake punts, trick plays, and going for 4th downs. With that being said Kansas City is clearly the better and more desperate team. Chiefs run away and hide in the second half. 

Chris Shipley

Chiefs 35 – Giants 34

I’m tempted to pick the Giants to win this game after the uninspired performance by this team against the Titans, but it’s the Giants. Still, with the pathetic Chiefs defense that we will all be forced to watch on Monday night taking the field yet again, the Giants will find the end zone. However, I’m trying to stay optimistic that Patrick Mahomes has finally realized that he can’t score on every play. The offense finds their rhythm by getting the ball first taking a 7-0 lead and Mahomes stops freaking out, leading to a puntless, last team with the ball wins. Chris Jones gets credit for two assists which equals one tackle, while Frank Clark trips over a lineman and gets credit for a sack.

Shawn O

Chiefs 42- Giants 10

Chiefs will get back on the horse and show out on offense against a low-grade secondary and a beat-up defense. It will be a game where everyone gets touches and everyone scores it seems like, hopefully allowing Josh Gordon to get his first score since Week 1 of 2019 when he was a NE Patriot. The defense, sadly, will look sub-par still but against such a depleted weapons core in the Giants’ receiver room and running back room, it will get some more stops than usual so far this season. A few sacks, maybe an INT somewhere but for the most part expect some players to look better than others just because of the drama from this past week and the fallout from last week’s game.

Rachel Coltz

Chiefs 27 – Giants 21

I expect a better performance from Patrick Mahomes the week after the worst regular-season game in his career. That should be enough to win this game although I am not sure where their heads are, especially on the other side of the ball. This will be a close win for the chiefs.

Graham Cannon

Chiefs 35 – Giants 27

The Chiefs come out strong and angry against a battered Giants team, but the defense gives up a few scores late. This is one of the games that seems like it was closer than it actually was, the Chiefs dominate for most of the game and the Giants can’t overcome the deficit. The Chiefs do not turn the ball over once and have a great day on the offensive side of the ball, I still think the Chiefs have the issues on defense but are able to overcome them.

Dylan Wilhelm

Chiefs 31 – Giants 20

The Chiefs get back to .500, beating an inferior Giants team. The offense finally goes a game without a turnover and begins to take what the defense gives them. Defensively, K.C. forces a turnover and holds the Giants to under 300 yards. This needs to be a get-right game, and Reid, Mahomes and Co. will start making the much-needed adjustments for the rest of the season tomorrow night.