Three trades that could help the Chiefs’ defense now

Three weeks into the season, the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense is a problem, so here are some potential solutions.

With the defense of the Kansas City Chiefs being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, there are plenty of questions surrounding how good they can actually be. The Chiefs need to make a few changes along the defensive line, the secondary, and the linebackers.

Hopefully, all will be fixed as the team gets healthy. But the biggest problem with the Chiefs is the lack of production on the edge, so much so they have resorted to moving Chris Jones to the outside, which hasn’t been as effective as they want it to be. 

They need to make a move right now to help fix their defense, or these problems will persist as they play tougher teams. Hopefully, Brett Veech is already trying to make the right move to get this done, but in the meantime, we have to speculate what move makes the most sense.

3. Chiefs trade for Derek Barnett 

Chiefs Receive: Derek Barnett, 7th Round Pick

Eagles Receive: 5th Round Pick, 6th Round Pick (2023)

Barnett is not the flashiest name available in a trade, but Barnett will be playing on a team that is currently rebuilding and has shown his skills as a great pass rusher. He would also be relatively cheap for the Chiefs to get another person to set the edge against some good offensive lines they will have to play as they move on in the season. Barnett would bring some much-needed experience to the edge rushers and has had relative success. 

I know this is a couple of years old, but he has shown flashes

This would be a trade to get much-needed depth instead of a star edge rusher, he would help the Chiefs have a trusted pro on the edge so they can move Chris Jones back to the inside. This is a realistic trade that could help save the Chiefs edge fish and run defense, but this is a cheap move for a player to fit in the rotation. 

2. Chiefs trade for Josh Allen (the Defensive End)

Chiefs Receive: Josh Allen

Jaguars Receive: 1st Round Pick, 3rd Round Pick, Dan Sorenson

Not that Josh Allen, the edge rusher for the Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Allen who is still in his rookie contract. This would be the move if you wanted to pay for a star edge rusher on top of extending Tyrann and other contracts. I think this is one of the smarter moves the Chiefs could make, it would give them a young Pro Bowl talent and they might have to give up more in draft capital but it would be the smartest move to get more young talent on that side of the ball.

They would have to give up a first-round pick to get Josh Allen, but the edge is a big enough need right now for them to make a drastic move. Allen would help them move Chris Jones back inside and give a quality starter opposite of Frank Clark so they can generate pressure without blitzing. Allen is uniquely gifted on the edge, his size, speed, and athleticism set him apart from most of the young edge rushers. He is entering the last year of his rookie contract and would have to be compensated after this season. 

This would be the dream scenario to get a young defensive stud who could immediately help one of the worst defenses in the league get an edge. This would also bring in a talent who’s a win now and can help the team keep their championship window open longer.

1. Chiefs trade for Whitney Mercilus 

Chiefs Receive: Whitney Mercilus, 7th round Pick

Texans Receive: 4th Round Pick, Dan Sorenson 

Trading for Whitney Mercilus is the most likely trade here, which is why it’s at the number one spot. Mercilus has been a really steady professional his entire time in Houston, he and JJ Watt formed an incredible duo. He has routinely been able to generate pressure in his 11-year career at end/edge. He would bring a lot of experience to the edge-rushing room from the start and he’d be a great opposite of Frank Clark and sitting right next to Reed or Chris Jones. 

This is the ultimate win-now move, picking up a veteran at this stage in his career and someone who’s ready to win. I do have them lose Dan Sorenson because I think you trade veteran for veteran and Sorenson is probably the most expendable in the secondary at the moment. 

Mercilus would be the most realistic move for the Chiefs looking for a veteran player on the edge and he could be really cheap, as he might want out of Houston now that they are going to end up with a top 5 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. This needs to be the move to get help on the perimeter right now, but every fan should see this as the most likely scenario over the Chiefs hopefully lucking into Josh Allen. 

If you have any other trade scenarios, please feel free to put them in the comments on our socials.