Arrowhead Live Staff week 3 game predictions

Nick Catlin

Chargers 17 – Chiefs 28

After a tough loss to Baltimore, the Chiefs defense will regroup and come back stronger. I expect the defensive line to create more pressure after going against the Browns and Ravens’ reliable offensive lines. The offense led by Patrick Mahomes will have the Chargers’ defense flustered and go on scoring streaks this game. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has shown an ability to dominate AFC West opponents and will collect his first division win of the season this Sunday.

Price Carter

Chargers 20 – Chiefs 28

It’s hard to imagine there is such a thing as a “must-win” game in September, but this game is a must-win for KC. Dropping this game at home to the Chargers would be a disaster considering the next time they meet will be on a Thursday night traveling all the way to LA on a short week. I expect The Chiefs offense to be somewhat limited by one of the best secondary’s in football but the Chiefs will get enough points to overcome. Look for the Chiefs defense to make a big play or two and make a statement.

Chris Shipley

Chargers 31 – Chiefs 36

Well, it is apparent what the Chiefs defense will bring on Sunday against the visiting Chargers, not much. Until they can prove otherwise, I expect this porous defense to give up big points every game. So, I expect the L.A. to do what every team so far has done, score at will. However, Justin Herbert has yet to feel the true Arrowhead experience which will cause some penalties courtesy of the 12th man. Those penalties will slow down the Chargers just enough for Mahomes and company to score one more time late in the 4th for the win. I mean, they have to win, right? Because if they don’t, they would be in last place in the AFC West, that’s not possible. No, really please tell me that’s not possible.   

Hunter Stanton  

Chargers 27 – Chiefs 31

This game will come down to the wire, no matter what anyone does. The Chargers may abuse the Chiefs’ poor run defense that is reminiscent of the Bob Sutton days, however, I feel as those the Chiefs’ offense overloads the Chargers’ defense. The secondary will also make a few key plays to secure the win.

Graham Cannon 

Chargers 23 – Chiefs 28

The Chiefs get a much-needed win against the Los Angeles Chargers. This is a must-win for KC and the Chiefs offense will need to be solid all afternoon to keep the Chargers away from the ball. We’ll also see what adjustments will happen on defense but I have the Chiefs winning a close one in Arrowhead

John Meyer 

Chargers 32 – Chiefs 34

The Mahomes-Herbert matchup proves to be a classic, as the Chiefs win a seesaw AFC West battle. Mahomes leads his team to victory and the go-ahead score with 1:50 left. Herbert throws an interception to Juan Thornhill trying to lead the Chargers on a game-winning drive.

Justin Dueppengiesser 

Chargers 27 – Chiefs 30

Another close battle, but Mahomes does enough to do get the W. All eyes are going to be on the defense, but it’s the offense that will shine. I expect CEH to get going against a poor run defense from the Chargers. Chiefs get back on track at home.

Rachel Coltz 

Chargers 24 – Chiefs 28

This will be a close game, the Chiefs defense allowing the opposite teams to pile up points in the first two games, although the Chargers had difficulties in the red zone. If there’s no big mistake for the Chiefs they are able to win this very important division game.

Shawn O  

Chargers 23 – Chiefs 28

Mahomes will let Clyde try to redeem himself which will mean less risk of interceptions against LA’s secondary. That being said the production will be short bursts and will probably lead to more than a few 3-and-outs on KC’s end. The defense will look similar to the past two weeks but the secondary will be fired up thanks to the performance and leadership of Tyrann Mathieu, maybe we’ll even get another INT from the Honey Badger against the second-year QB. In the end, it’ll be hard-fought and LA will make the last mistake, similar to KC’s last-minute mistake in Baltimore.

Dylan Wilhelm

Chargers 31 – Chiefs 28

*Ducks* — Remember the Carolina game last season where the Panthers pulled out everything they could to win that game? I feel like the Chargers will come in with the same mentality and with more talent than that Carolina roster from last season, they may pull it out. The Chargers have been able to slow Mahomes and the offense down in the past, and with the way the Chiefs defense is playing, they may be able to outscore them with a good defensive performance. This could be a repeat of the 29-28 Chargers 2018 victory in Arrowhead.