Arrowhead Live Staff week 2 game predictions

CJ Taylor 

Chiefs 37 – Ravens 28

I have the Chiefs over the Ravens 37-28. The game is going to feel a lot closer than my score shows, sort of like last week. I expect the defense struggles to, unfortunately, carry into Sunday, but the Chiefs offense will step up yet again for an amazing performance.

Price Carter

Chiefs 38 – Ravens 28

As much as I want to say this game has the potential to be a blowout, I just think the Ravens still have some firepower on offense. With Watkins, Brown, and Andrews, the Ravens aren’t getting blow out. However, I think the Chiefs go up big and Mahomes dominates again. The Ravens defense is just too depleted in the secondary and their offensive line is just too banged up to handle KC.

Chris Shipley

Chiefs 34 – Ravens 21

Kansas City rolls into Baltimore under the lights of Sunday Night Football and knocks the lights out of a Ravens team hammered by injuries the likes of which few teams other than the Chargers know. Unlike last week, when the Chiefs fell behind early, the defense gets off to a stronger start and the offense finds more balance between the run and pass. Lamar Jackson, forever snake bit by the Chiefs, tries to do too much in an effort to make up for last week’s miscues against the Raiders. Was that a really good game or two bad teams or both? Either way, Nick Bolton’s speed spies Jackson, keeping him in check, Jody Fortson has a touchdown and Sammy Watkins fumbles, pulls a hamstring and sits out the 2nd half.  

Graham Cannon

Chiefs 42 Ravens 21

As the Chiefs travel for a prime-time game in Baltimore and have to face the battered Baltimore Ravens, it should be quite the game for the Chiefs on both sides of the ball. The Chiefs’ defense gets Frank Clark and Tryann Mathieu back and the defensive line should be able to get pressure at will on Lamar Jackson. Patrick Mahomes has loved to showcase his talents against the Ravens and will continue to do so as he lights up the Ravens’ secondary for three scores. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is able to silence the critics and has a monstrous second half.

Rachel Coltz  

Chiefs 30 – Ravens 26

Each team struggled at times in the first game of the season, but the Ravens’ offense will need to make some more adjustments, especially with the loss of Tyre Phillips. Additionally, their overtime game and a trip across the USA will do no favor physically. Kansas City takes a close one.

Caleb James  

Chiefs 37- Ravens 21  

Patrick Mahomes owns the Baltimore Ravens and nothing will change this year. The already battered Ravens will be without two starting offensive linemen, which should help the Chiefs win the battle of the trenches. Tyrann Mathieu will make his return to the Chiefs and should be a key piece in stopping Lamar Jackson. Offensively, the Chiefs will be taking on a Baltimore defense that was gashed and exposed by the Las Vegas Raiders through the air. Mahomes should have another big game.

Justin Dueppengiesser 

Chiefs 38 – Ravens 17

The Ravens are battling too many injuries to keep this one close. Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce backup a dominant performance with another against the Ravens banged-up secondary. Tyrann Mathieu and Frank Clark bring the juice the defense was lacking last week. Chris Jones gets another two sacks against a ravaged O’line.

Nick Catlin  

Chiefs 28 – Ravens 20

An injured Ravens secondary and running back room leaves them very weak at those positions. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes should have another big day without Marcus Peters or Jimmy Smith present. Their run-heavy style of offense will be much more limited with injuries to J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards as well. This may lead the Chiefs to control the time of possession and execute their big plays.

Shawn Obrate 

Chiefs 35 – Ravens 31

Mahomes is willing to get more players involved this week, which leads to touchdowns by players like Pringle, Clyde & maybe someone like Fountain or Kemp. Baltimore will play a heavy-run offense that wears out the KC defense even with Mathieu and Clark back on the field, but overall it will be their lack of reliable offensive line that weakens the Ravens the most. Sammy Watkins will catch a TD and call it something like his “revenge” game, but Le’Veon Bell will rarely see the field.

Hunter Stanton

Chiefs 38 – Ravens 21

The Chiefs’ offense will dominate the Ravens’ defense, especially with Hill and Kelce. The Ravens’ secondary is weakened with the absence of Marcus Peters and a slightly injured Jimmy Smith and Marlon Humphrey, who both have been listed as questionable. While they’ll probably still play, they won’t be 100%. Injuries are killing the Ravens’ team, with multiple players on offense and defense on IR. The Chiefs will become victorious, leaving Lamar Jackson 0-4 against Patrick Mahomes.

Dylan Wilhelm

Chiefs 31 – Ravens 23

While there are multiple signs pointing towards a comfortable Kansas City victory, I’ll give Lamar Jackson and the Ravens the benefit of the doubt. Kansas City jumps out to an early lead, the Baltimore crowd and some Lamar magic keep it close, but not too close for comfort as the Chiefs move to 2-0 with an 8-point victory.