Three bold predictions for Chiefs vs Ravens

It was the stars who led the Chiefs to victory in week one against the Browns, with the big three shining on offense and Chris Jones playing a big role defensively. We make some bold statements on how we see our week two matchup playing out in Baltimore Sunday night.

Mecole Hardman outperforms Sammy Watkins

In Watkins’ first game with Baltimore on Monday night, he had 4 receptions for 96 yards. Whilst in Kansas City Sunday afternoon the trio of Hardman, Robinson, and Pringle had a whopping 5 catches for 34 yards. The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes generally take what defense gives them, and there was a ton of openings for Hill and Kelce this past week.

I fully expect with Baltimore’s tendency to blitz while playing cover zero, that should leave ample opportunity for Hardman to find himself open in one on one packages. I am also predicting that the Chiefs will try to use Baltimore’s defensive speed against them with screens and jet sweeps that could very well work in Hardman’s favor.

Sammy Watkins may seek revenge against the Chiefs, yet his track record doesn’t generally speak to having back-to-back games with much success. The Ravens look to have a more balanced passing attack and the history with Chiefs secondary could end up helping the defense in this case.

Predicted Stats: Hardman: 5 receptions, 110 yards, and 2 touchdowns plus 1 rush, 45 yards. Watkins: 2 receptions, 18 yards

The Chiefs Defense outshines Baltimore’s Defense

The Chiefs offense is really good at making defenses look bad, so that take is not exactly bold. I’m really expecting the Chiefs’ defense to hold their own on Sunday night. With the Honey Badger in his rightful place at the back end of the secondary, I am hopeful that there is the swagger we have come to expect with a Spags coached defense. I anticipate multiple sacks from secondary blitzes and two or more turnovers. I forecast that will be an opportunistic match-up for Kansas City.

Predicted Defensive Stats:

Chiefs: 380 yards allowed, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception

Ravens: 475 yards allowed, 3 sacks, zero turnovers

Justin Tucker scores all of the Ravens points

As stated in the previous predictions, I do anticipate that Baltimore will be able to move the ball, yet I think they will turn over the ball multiple times. I also feel that after last week’s embarrassment in the red zone, and the offseason emphasis to be better in those situations, the Chiefs find a way to keep Baltimore out of the end zone. Tucker still connects on 5 field goals as the Chiefs win 34-15.