Arrowhead Live Staff Week 1 Game Predictions

The regular season is finally here! We have compiled predictions from some of our writers. Some are expecting the Chiefs’ great September’s to continue, while others are expecting a tough test tomorrow afternoon.

CJ Taylor

Chiefs 31 – Browns 13

I have the Chiefs over the Browns, 31-13. I think the Chiefs improved OL will allow for quick and easy scores this Sunday. I predict that Mahomes will end with 3 TD passes, and one TD on the ground for CEH in a big win to start the season.

Chris Shipley

Chiefs 34 – Browns 23

Game one post-SB meltdown and the Chiefs are focused, poised, and angry as a groundhog driving a pick-up. Although the Browns are trying to avenge a playoff loss, give the Chiefs the game in the end, as a raucous Arrowhead crowd proves the 12th man counts. Arrowhead is so loud on Sunday, Mayfield pulls an Elway before nearly breaking down in tears. Mahomes shreds the Browns defense for 300-plus yards. The Chiefs struggle against the run but stiffen up in the red zone. Kareem Hunt fumbles.

Shawn Obrate

Chiefs 31 – Browns 21.

Patrick Mahomes throws his first interception in the month of September against Cleveland’s new, young secondary. Other than that, he and the rest of the offense ball out for over 400 yards from scrimmage. The defense looks great, even with major injuries. The secondary truly shines against Baker, Landry, and OBJ. I think L’Jarius Sneed and at least one other DB get an interception. Chiefs roll in the second half to their first win of the season.

Graham Cannon

Chiefs 35 – Browns 20

Chiefs open up the season with a bang, showcasing why they are the best team in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes kicks off his MVP campaign by accounting for four TD’s and the offensive line lets CEH get loose. The Chiefs defensive line is able to hold up to the run game of Cleveland and Chris Jones shines off the edge in the season opener.

Price Carter

Chiefs 31- Browns 28

I expect this game to look similar to the home opener last year against the Texans. The Brown will take a note from the Bucs and play lots of 2 deep safety looks to stop the big play. Chiefs will run the ball effectively to counter and jump out to a nice lead early in the game. Limiting the potent rushing attack of the Browns. After some “oh by the way” scores by the Browns, the Chiefs will need to convert some big 3rd downs to run out the clock. The offensive line will help the Chiefs drain out the clock converting in 3rd and short on the ground.

Nick Catlin

Chiefs 31- Browns 17

With the new offensive line additions, the Chiefs will utilize the run game more efficiently, keeping the Browns’ explosive offense out of rhythm throughout the game.

Justin Dueppengiesser

Chiefs 38 – Browns 20

No one is better in September or week 1 than Mahomes. He dominates the game behind the Chiefs’ new offensive line. Chris Jones gets 2 sacks and leads the defense.

Dylan Wilhelm

Chiefs 30 – Browns 27

This one could go either way. The Browns seem poised to make a deep playoff run for the first time since 1989, and their defense matches up well against the Chiefs’ offense. However, September Reid and Mahomes give Kansas City a slight edge and a close victory.