Patrick Mahomes ranked the best, but should the MVP be the holder of that spot?

The fifth-year quarterback got the honor of being named the No. 1 player in the NFL by the players.

After back-to-back seasons at No. 4 on the player’s top 100 list, Patrick Mahomes stood above everyone and was named the best in the league this season. But is this ranking justified?

Since Mahomes was granted the starting job in 2018, he has since led the NFL in passing touchdowns with 114. The next closest is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson with 106 touchdown passes.

That comes with Mahomes playing just 45 games, while Wilson, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady are the closest and have all played 48 games, according to Statmuse.

Winning has also been on Mahomes’ side, and it is pretty hard to believe. Mahomes’ worst finish in a season is a loss in the AFC Championship game. That alone certifies him as a winner, even when there were comments about the team around him.

Mahomes of course has amazing talent, some of the best in the league. Tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill are perfect for Mahomes’ throwing ability.

But before Mahomes, the Chiefs were notoriously known to fall apart during the playoffs, not with him under center. There are truly only two arguments for replacements that can be made: Rodgers and Brady.

For reigning MVP Rodgers, he just came off an incredible 48 touchdown season, with just 5 interceptions. He has the best case for taking the crown and quite honestly, I wouldn’t have been upset if Rodgers got it given how unbelievable he played all of last season.

Rodgers and Mahomes will face off for the first time in Week 9 of this season. It’ll be a dream matchup if both quarterbacks are able to compete.

For Brady, he had a phenomenal season that was capped off with him hoisting his seventh Lombardi trophy over Mahomes. Brady has always found a way to be victorious over Mahomes in the postseason when it mattered most.

However, Brady is now 44-years-old, and clearly is not the same player he once was, no one can expect that at this stage. Last season he showed that more than ever he is the greatest quarterback of all time by beating Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Rodgers, and then Mahomes in consecutive playoff games.

Despite those arguments, I believe the players got it correct. Mahomes has shown to be the best the league has to offer at quarterback. He is off to the greatest start in quarterback history and will likely see a repeated performance of dominance this season.