Three Players Trending Up and Down After the Third Preseason Game

Who’s looking good and who’s looking bad after the final preseason game against the Vikings?

Here you go Chiefs fans, the last week of the preseason, only two weeks until the regular seasons start. 

The Chiefs looked fantastic against the Minnesota Vikings, Mahomes led two touchdown drives and the second unit had some good drives. The depth along the offensive and defensive lines are deep and the receivers looked solid throughout. But with the largest round of cuts coming soon, it’s time to decide who is trending up and down.

Trending Up

1. Creed Humphrey

Can you take me higher???

Sorry, that was unnecessary. But I really love how good Creed Humphrey has looked this entire preseason. It’s not like all of Chiefs media is surprised by me saying he’s looked good, but for a rookie stepping into a role on a championship team, he has been killing it. Humphrey has been super impactful on runs and has made Mahomes life a dream while pass-blocking in the three preseason games.

The offensive line in general has looked really good all preseason, but the rookies have been the most impressive. I chose Trey Smith last week because he was mauling dudes and Creed Humphrey was super impressive this week, playing against Sheldon Richardson and the other starters for Minnesota. I cannot stress it enough that it’s going to be insane to see the Chiefs with a run game and be able to see Patrick Mahomes with the ability to do play-action at will.

2. Marcus Kemp

I don’t know how you chose between either Kemp or Fountain, but both have been incredibly solid with the second unit. The only reason I’m choosing Kemp is that he will still make the team due to his special teams’ acumen. He has constantly been able to make plays on kick-off and punt teams, and at 6-foot-4, he should be seen as a weapon in the passing game. Kemp was able to be a great vertical threat in the second quarter against the Vikings and was able to get a touchdown, he seems comfortable in the scheme. I think Kemp and Fountain both are able to make the roster, but Kemp has the bigger edge due to him being a good special teams player.

3. Nick Bolton 

The rookie has shown some flashes this preseason, but he made some really good plays against the Vikings. Bolton has shown his nose for the football and is able to play in coverage at a high level. It’s honestly shocking to see him playing with the two’s but he has been able to stand out against the rest of the backups with his speed and intensity. I’m going to need to see more of him with Willie Gay with the ones but Bolton has been extremely impressive these two weeks. 

Trending Down

1. Prince Tega Wonogho

The second-team offensive line wasn’t great, but Prince Tega Wanogho stood out. He obviously wasn’t comfortable playing left tackle and he was not able to handle the left ends as handily as he would like. He allowed pressure on a lot of the pass plays and was the weak spot of the backups, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he probably doesn’t make the roster with the amount of good talent that is now along the offensive line. 

2. Cornell Powell

Well, this is awkward……

Powell has been outplayed by Fountain and Kemp, and it doesn’t seem like there is any reason for him to make the roster. Powell hasn’t been good at all in this preseason and hasn’t shined in training camp either. It just seems like the math doesn’t work out for Powell to make the team unless he’s on the practice squad. He hasn’t been making the good plays or even the right plays. Powell is the odd man out here for the Chiefs receivers. It’s not like he’s not talented or anything, it just seems like he had a bad 2021 offseason and I hope this changes if he makes the practice squad for KC.

3. Darwin Thompson

It’s the odd man out once again. 

I just don’t see the reason to keep Thompson, he’s not doing a lot to make the team and has looked sub-par with other running backs playing better. Against the Vikings, it seems like Thompson just couldn’t get a rhythm and then mishandled a pitchout which resulted in a turnover. He needed to put on a spotless performance against the Vikings but Derrick Gore looked a lot better than he did in a similar situation. I just don’t see the need to keep Thompson when he doesn’t add anything to the offense when the other backs are playing better than him in their roles.