Breaking down three key plays from Pre-Season Week Two

The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Arizona Cardinals in the desert Friday night. The Chiefs would win 17-10, and they had some impressive plays that I wanted to take a closer look at.

The final score of pre-season games is not important, but it is nice to see the Chiefs come out and get a victory. Even though the final score doesn’t count there is still a lot to look for when watching the games, and some of it can translate over to regular-season success.

Chris Jones looks amazing

Not much else needs to be said, and not much should be said.

We saw a glimpse of Jones applying pass rush from the edge for the Chiefs, and in the few snaps he did play, he managed to continue what has been a dominant pre-season so far. From camp till now Jones has displayed more explosion off the ball, and his offseason weight loss has helped him get quicker. He still has all the power he did as a defensive tackle, but now he is showing a much quicker second step that is allowing him to work even more moves. As Jones gets more comfortable playing on the edge we will continue to see his game evolve.

Strong run game

The new-look offensive line looks good. Very good. Scary good. The competition they have gone against has not been the best, but the chemistry and cohesiveness that the unit has developed in such a short period of time is remarkable.

The unit has had some good runs overall, but I highlighted the play above because it shows the teamwork from the play side double teams, and the physicality and athletic ability from the pullers. The play itself is excellent execution for a counter, but look at the whistle to whistle effort as well. It all seems too good to be true, but the potential is there that this could be one of the league’s most dominant units by season end.

Pat is still Pat

Yes, Patrick Mahomes was off on Friday night. Does it matter? Not really. Does he still have all the playmaking ability that has made him the most dominant player in the game? You bet.

For a pre-season game, this is about as good a highlight as you will find, but it shows that even when Mahomes is off, he still can make the extraordinary look routine. The angle of his arm, the fire off of the ball, and of course finding his favorite target Travis Kelce. Mahomes will still have some things to work on as he gets himself ready for opening day against the Cleveland Browns, but no one should be worried.

The pre-season is for tiring new things, and for finding hidden talent across the roster. The time for honing in and dismantling teams piece by piece will come soon, but for now, the team must just find a way to get better every day and take it one day at a time.