NFC Power Rankings

As we sunset past mini-camps into training camps, we take a look at how the NFC is shaping up. As things seem to be constantly evolving into a younger generation of superstars in the AFC, the NFC wants to stand guard with veterans.

16. Detroit Lions

The Lions might have the most enthusiastic coach in all of football with Dan Campbell, but he has no experience and new quarterback Jared Goff has little to work with. The Lions will be in contention for the number one pick next April.

15. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons showed their resilience towards the end of last season. They are just battling some very poor salary cap issues that will hinder their growth. The addition of Kyle Pitts is big but not big enough to battle in the competitive NFC South.

14. Philadelphia Eagles

Has anyone looked more uncomfortable in an introductory presser than Nick Sirianni? There is a mess going on in Philly. I like Jalen Hurts but I feel there are going to be problems everywhere else.

13. New York Giants

Did anyone have a more quiet offseason than the New York Giants? They seem content with Daniel Jones leading the show towards the back half of the NFC.

12. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers seemed to discussed with every quarterback trade out there. They finally hit with Sam Darnold. I think in Joe Brady’s offense he can find some success. We’ll see if the Panthers can work their way up this list.

11. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are not a bad team, they are just not that good either. They will probably find themselves in the playoff hunt towards the middle of the season and waste that. The Vikings are in a bad position of mediocrity and the epitome of that is Kurt Cousins.

10. Dallas Cowboys

Last season I had the Cowboys pegged as my NFC champion going into the season. Well, they never fail to disappoint. Dak Prescott is a top 5 quarterback, in my opinion, let’s see how he recovers from that horrible injury a season ago. The Cowboys will go as far as the offense will carry them.

9. Washington Football Team

Arguably the best name in all of professional sports, the Football Team has the exact opposite problem of the Cowboys. Their defense will carry them to the playoffs. Ryan Fitzpatrick will win some games he has no business being in and he will undoubtedly lose you some as well.

8. New Orleans Saints

One of the harder teams to rank, the Saints have a well-built roster. How much do we trust Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill to run it? Drew Brees was so much more than a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback, he was a true leader on and off the field. How does the locker room adjust to his absence?

7. Chicago Bears

I’m higher on the Bears than most. I’m boldly saying that Justin Fields will be the best quarterback out of this draft class. If Matt Nagy has the testicular fortitude to start Fields over Dalton this could be a dark horse contender for the NFC crown.

6. Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. Chandler Jones and JJ Watt. Duos that will give both offensive and defensive coordinators nightmares all season. The NFC West is stacked and I’m just throwing darts here.

5. San Francisco 49ers

Has the NFL ever had a team so decimated by injuries as the 2020 49ers? I highly doubt it. This is a team that could win the Super Bowl or miss the playoffs entirely. Quarterback play is going to be key, is Trey Lance ready. We will see.

4. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson is number two on my quarterback power rankings. He also had two of the top weapons in all of football in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. If things get shored up on the defensive side and Pete Carrol can get out of the way of his superstar quarterback the Seahawks can make a big push.

3. LA Rams

The Rams are all in with Matthew Stafford. Will it be enough? The defense was so good last year but lost some playmakers on the back half. I’m going in with them, the Rams will win a loaded NFC East and compete for the George Halas trophy again.

2. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere. The Packers know they made a mistake in wasting a first-round pick on Jordan Love. They have mostly the same roster that has been a top-two seed in the NFC the last two seasons. Rodgers seems to be only getting better. The Pack will rise to the top once again.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Returning 22 of 22 from a team that dominated Super Bowl 55. What more can you ask for? Your quarterback has won nearly 13% of all the Super Bowls ever played. You have a decent running game, good playmakers on offense. A defensive line that is disruptive and linebackers that can cover sideline to sideline. Bruce Arians and company are the best team in all the NFL, as long as Tom Brady is upright I don’t think anyone in the NFC will take the crown away.