ArrowChop: Will Le’Veon Bell ever be signed to another team after the recent drama?

With all the recent drama circulating, will Le’Veon Bell ever be signed to another team?

Hello again everyone and welcome to another week of the ArrowChop! This is the column where we look at the positives/negatives of a certain Chiefs/NFL issue and look at both sides of the aisle. Then you, the readers, will come to your conclusions after I lay out the case. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we break down this week’s hot topic.

Ah, drama; who doesn’t love to read the gossip of the day whether it’s at work or it’s in the sports world. This past week’s gossip has been about good ole former Steelers, Jets, and Chiefs running back, Le’Veon Bell, who had badmouthed Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. He later apologized, and it was better than most apologies some stars have aired out in the past:

However, Bell has continued to slander Reid, saying “lol that’s cap” on an Instagram post of Reid saying how he enjoyed his time with Le’Veon Bell. If you have no clue what cap means, let the hip 19-year-old writing this tell you what it does mean.

Cap means to lie or fib, and in Bell’s case, he’s saying that’s a lie. An example of this would be me saying, “Trent Green is the best QB to play for the Chiefs”, and you would retort with “that’s cap”.

Bell has now slandered two HOF coaches in Tomlin and Reid, and it seems like no one is interested in his talents anymore. Now, it’s time to ask ourselves if the former All-Pro will be signed to another team this offseason or ever? Let’s break down both sides of the aisle to find out:

Bell will be signed to another team

This side believes so as such:

For starters, while Bell’s starting days are over, he could still serve as a backup for most teams. There are still a few teams without a solid rushing attack and could use the talents Bell brings to the table. Teams like the Lions and Falcons, who were at the bottom for rushing yards per game, would automatically boost their rushing attack.

Secondly, Bell would be a cheap pickup for any team. Just this past season, the Chiefs signed him to a one-year, $1 million vet-minimum deal that didn’t pan out too well. Any team could easily bring him on board for cheap as it could turn out to be a low-cost, high reward contract for whatever team he signs with.

Bell won’t be signed to another team

This side believes so as such:

Firstly, after slamming Andy Reid in his recent Tweets, it’s hard to assume that Bell will ever have another job in the NFL. Many players love Andy Reid and will come to his defense, as he’s one of the greatest head coaches to ever grace the game of football. Seeing this, not many teams want to bring in a player who has an attitude like this, it will kill a locker room in a heartbeat; plus, coaches won’t want to deal with that in any way, shape, or form.

This shifts to my next point, as secondly, he could create a toxic locker room environment that players or coaches wouldn’t want to deal with. He whined and complained about Reid without any reasoning or proof behind it, which shows he has some sort of attitude problem. Moreover, Tyrann Mathieu said it best, “these fellas will blame everybody for their lack of success” and that’s what Bell has been doing. If you have had an issue with three coaches, (Gase I can understand), with two of them being HOFers and Super Bowl champions, then you need to take a look in the mirror. No team wants to deal with that.

Finally, Bell has been on a downward trend and a shell of what he once was since he left Pittsburg. Since 2019, he has only gained 1,117 rushing yards, five rushing touchdowns, and has averaged a minimal 41.2 rushing yards per game. Compared to his First-Team All-Pro season in 2017, where he had 1291 rushing yards, nine rushing touchdowns, and 86.1 yards per game, it has been atrocious since then. He has been downgraded from a premier starting talent to just a backup after his contract dispute. It’s not looking good for the former Pro Bowler and former First-Team All-Pro RB.

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