Le’Veon Bell tweets explode overnight, doubles down a few days later on Andy Reid comments

The former Chief RB did not mince words on social media a few days ago and now it would appear he is back on social media clearing up what he meant…kind of

Le’Veon Bell’s career has slowed down quite a bit since he decided to hold out for an entire season in order to preserve his health for a larger, longer contract back in 2017-2018. The once prevalent back has spent time on two teams since then, the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both were filled with nothing spectacular, unlike his former Pittsburgh-self that once averaged 105.7 yds/game on the ground.

Bell has been through the ringer these past few years, that’s for sure, but none of this can be blamed on anyone other than himself. He chose to take the massive paycheck in New York–a team that was rebuilding–after sitting out a year, instead of playing for a Super Bowl with his Steelers team that was still hitting their stride with the likes of Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster the previous season.

Not only that, but when he was cut by the same Jets team that paid him $52 million for four years (only to get 17 below-average games out of him), he chose a pass-heavy offense in Kansas City that had just drafted their running back of the future in Clyde Edwards-Helaire earlier that year in the first round. Now it seems that free agency is not treating the 29-year old running back well, as he’s taken to social media–mainly Twitter–to air out some grievances that have apparently been building up for awhile now.

On Friday, June 11, Bell posted a comment on an Instagram post which featured someone spending $700 at a McDonald’s. The thread below his comment quickly became all about Bell and how he should be more worried about finding a new team, rather than focus any time on some random person spending their paycheck at the famous fast-food establishment.

Bell, known for being very vocal and rarely holding anything back, decided to reply to some of the comments, the topics in question wavered but some of his responses included; “I got enough money to live off of, do you?” and “lol you have another man as your profile pic, your scared of yourself…get your priorities straight”

At one point Bell posted a reply (below) to a user by the handle “@scumnazzey” who asked if he was resigning with the Chiefs this season, Bell’s response has since been talked about on every sports show at least once since Friday night:

Bell’s response to a simple question has stirred the colloquial pot and (for the most part) provoked fans and players of Reid or the Chiefs to come to Reid’s defense.

Bell didn’t specify what he meant by the comment, nor did he ever say anything in the past that would have predicted this type of statement. Ever since then, the sports world has been abuzz about whether or not Bell is simply pouting on his (probably very expensive) couch waiting for a team to call, or if Reid’s behavior behind the scenes is not what it appears. Most people know that Reid is one of the most respected, well-versed, and highly praised coaches in the NFL which makes Bell’s comments even more peculiar, but then again not everybody gets along with everybody–something that every Chiefs fan found out when Marcus Peters was traded to the Rams for essentially pennies.

Much like Peters, Bell had nothing bad to say about the Chiefs organization or coach Reid while they were still on the team, only afterwards did the two decide to “spill the tea” to the public. Fast forward almost 48 hours after the initial comment on retiring before ever playing for Reid again, and Bell was back on social media. Tired of having his comments questioned by every single sportscaster in the United States he did what he has done best since leaving Pittsburgh, he took to Twitter:

Bell’s comments stayed true to his somewhat-cryptic style–much like Tyrann Mathieu’s presence on Twitter–but he did openly say that his problem with Kansas City was not his teammates, or the food, but rather the problem is what “HE SAID to [Bell]”. It would appear that the “HE” in this scenario is referring to coach Reid, but Bell did not clarify anymore than that on his social media posts (so far), but other than his experiences with Reid it sounds like he enjoyed his time in Kansas City. Bell’s attitude switched after those two tweets, veering into a reflective state and admitting that the way he went about the past two days probably wasn’t the best route:

So what does all this mean for the 3x Pro Bowl selection? Well with no news coming out of respected insiders like Adam Schefter or Ian Rapaport about any teams interested in trying out Bell this upcoming season, it would seem that he will probably spend some more time in the studio recording rap songs or watching games on his couch preparing for a comeback-type season.

Until then the 2x All-Pro back should probably keep his agent in the loop before going off on a tangent on social media, especially if he plans on playing in the NFL which currently has five head coaches that are part of Reid’s coaching tree and countless other coordinators or assistants on other teams that all have ties to Reid.

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