Meyer’s Musings: Top 10 Current Uniforms Combinations

The NFL and its one helmet rule have narrowed down the possibilities on this list, but that does not mean there is a shortage of great uniform combos out there. Here is a Top 10 list I compiled of my favorites.

10. 49ers Home

The classic combination of of the scarlet tops and simple three stipe sleeves on top of the metallic gold pants is just a very clean look.

9. Packers Home

The undeniable throwback look of bay green and cheese gold has been donned by legends for decades. Some things don’t need to change.

8. Seahawks Active Green

Unlike the two previous entries, there is nothing classic about this look. Bold and in your face. The bright and electric green covers both jerseys and pant in this color rush combination.

7. Saints All Black

I’m not generally a monotone fan but the menacing look of all black coupled with the old gold in the lettering and on the helmet is just very pleasing for the eyes.

6. Browns Home with Orange Pants

The Browns did themselves a favor by ditching their new digs for their old ones. When many will say that brown and orange are ugly, I see the true beauty in them. A real throwback to Bernie Kosar and the boys.

5. Cowboys Away

I know these are their primary home uniforms as well. The white tops and silver-blue pants just look great.

4. Steelers Home

The black top with white letters and the yellow pants with that wide black stripe. There is something undeniable with how sharp this looks.

3. Charger Color Rush Royal

This is one team that is difficult to choose which uniform is the best. The great color palate of athletic gold, navy, and powder blue, but for my taste, the Royal color rush just pops. It’s a wonder mesh of the classic 70’s and 80’s Dan Fouts era Chargers with this 21st-century twist.

2. Raiders Home

Silver helmets, black tops with silver numbers, silver pants. Put these on at night in that crazy new domed stadium there in the desert, it’s menacing, it’s classic, it’s pretty cool.

1.Dolphins Home Alternate

I will argue all day these should be the primary uniforms. The aquamarine tops and white bottoms with splashes of orange just scream Miami. Give me back my cartoon dolphin, dolphins are not supposed to be scary. The leg striping is beautiful. These are the best uniforms for my money.

If you made it this far, you can see I did not include any Chiefs uniforms. It’s not that I don’t like our uniforms, I just feel we underutilize yellow. Give me something that makes that red pop a little more, yellow numbers or pants every once in a blue moon and change my mind.