Shawn’s Staturdays: Chiefs’ 2021 season record predictions by the Arrowhead Live staff

The NFL released their schedules for every team around the league, and with new schedules come record predictions by people all over the world, these are some of Arrowhead Live’s record predictions and their reasonings why…

The release of the 2021 NFL schedules gave the Chiefs and their fans plenty to look forward to this upcoming season, like huge matchups against the AFC North and NFC East, as well as teams that have been problematic for KC in the past like Baltimore and Buffalo.

The Chiefs have the 11th toughest schedule according to last year’s regular-season and playoff records, facing five playoff teams within the first seven weeks, meaning that the NFL fans will truly get to see some great matchups early in the season that could end up being round one of two by the end of the playoffs.

And with this being the NFL’s first 17-game regular season there are plenty of new questions that come with new schedules: Will teams do some sort of load management like the NBA? When will teams likely rest starters for playoff pushes? How much more damage can one regular-season game cause? How likely is a team to go undefeated now compared to before?

With all those questions pushed to the side for one moment, I asked the Arrowhead Live staff to predict what the Chiefs record will look like at the end of the 2021 season as well as give a brief synopsis into the future of the upcoming season…

Price Carter – Content Writer
Chiefs 2021 record: 13-4
Losses: Bills, Cowboys, Chargers, Broncos

Ever since Mahomes has become QB, the only way to beat the Chiefs is to outscore them (see Raiders Week 5, 2020). The Bills and Cowboys have the offensive firepower to accomplish that, not to mention they both have top quarterbacks. While KC has dominated the west for years, every team in the division continues to get better.

The Broncos defense under Vic Fangio has limited the Chiefs offense well since he’s been in Denver and the Chargers truly could have beat the Chiefs last year in week 2 if it wasn’t for a terrible coaching decision. If Brandon Staley is the real deal the Chargers could push the Chiefs. All that being said I still have the Chiefs at 13-4 and a top seed in the AFC.

Hunter Stanton – Site Writer & Content Director
Chiefs 2021 record: 15-2
Losses: Titans & Steelers

As my colleague Price stated, the only way to beat the Chiefs is to outscore them. The Titans have the ability to do that (thanks Derrick Henry), plus a defense that can limit Mahomes. While the Bills and Cowboys can do that as well, the Chiefs have beaten–and recently dominated–the Bills time and time again when Allen is in the backfield.

Spagnuolo knows how to hold Allen down. With the Cowboys, I just trust that Reid and the coaching staff can plan around it. If you’re questioning about the Steelers game, there’s always that one game you think they’ll win, but it turns into a loss; I believe the Steelers will be that game. However, 15-2 isn’t a bad record to have.

Breyon Dennis – Content Writer
Chiefs 2021 record: 15-2
Losses: Washington & Chargers

As we’ve seen since Mahomes has become our QB1, the way to give us problems is through a dominant pass rush that can send four and be disruptive. Washington does just that, not to mention they have a surplus of offensive weapons. If Fitzpatrick has one of his games where he shows up I could see that game being potentially troublesome especially with their addition of offensive weapons. I chose the Chargers, not because I’m on the Spring bandwagon like national media is every year *yawns* but more so because it’s a Thursday away game, so a short week after playing the Raiders plus traveling, that could mean trouble.

John Meyer – Content Writer
Chiefs 2021 record: 13-4
Losses: Titans, Packers, Chargers, Broncos

The Titans, with a fresh Derrick Henry, can beat the Chiefs in their Week 7 Super Bowl. Aaron Rogers and Aaron Jones drop the Chiefs in a shootout at Arrowhead. Justin Herbert and the Chargers defensive front four finally get over the hump in Los Angeles, but overall the Chiefs have the 1 seed locked up in the AFC and rest the starters in week 18

Caleb James – Lead Film & Draft Analyst
Chiefs 2021 record: 14-3
Losses: Ravens, Washington, Chargers

The Chiefs start the season off with a meat grinder, and the week two matchup vs the Ravens will mean much more to the Ravens, especially Lamar Jackson. The Chiefs have dominated the Ravens, so they will bring out all the stops to find a way to take down Kansas City, and perhaps save the legacy of the Jackson vs Mahomes rivalry although I don’t expect this to be the only time these teams square off in 2021.

The Washington game feels like a major trap game against a young team that is building upon recent success. The young core in Washington will be looking for a signature win, and knocking off a team like the Chiefs will give it to them. Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert look like they will be doing battle against one another for quite a while, and as much as it pains me to say this the Chargers do have a talented roster capable of making a push into January this year.

For them to make the playoffs they will likely have to beat the Chiefs at least one time though. 14-3 is an outstanding record to have, and one that will have the Chiefs sitting at the top of the AFC once again come playoff time.

Nick Catlin – Content Writer
Chiefs 2021 record: 15-2
Losses: Packers & Chargers

With a fully upgraded offensive line, the Chiefs will be able to improve and evolve the offensive unit but after a tough beginning to the season, I see Aaron Rodgers getting an upset win against the Chiefs. Especially since the Chiefs play five playoff opponents in their first eight games leading up to the matchup. And since the Chargers get the Chiefs on a short week, I see up-and-coming quarterback Justin Herbert splitting the two regular-season games with Kansas City this year.

Richard Horton – Content Writer
Chiefs 2021 record: 14-3
Losses: Ravens, Bills, Cowboys

These are the teams that I think will get consistent QB pressure either at the line or by smothering passing options whilst also stuffing our running game. The best, and only, way to beat the Chiefs is to continuously get pressure on Mahomes and because of that, these are the three teams I think can win in that manner as well as score enough while on offense to keep Mahomes and the Chiefs on their toes and looking up at them rather than looking back at them.

Shawn O’Brate – Content Writer
Chiefs 2021 record: 13-4
Losses: Titans, Washington, Chargers, Bengals

The Chiefs are going to go balls to the wall early in the season with one of the toughest opening stretches in the NFL and they are going to have to put on an offensive clinic, much like they did during Mahomes’ 5,000-yard/50-TDs season, to get out of the first five or six games without a loss.

I don’t think it happens when traveling to Washington or Tennessee in consecutive weeks. Washington’s young, deep, strong defensive core is simply too much to handle for most teams and our offensive line will have already had some doozies like Cleveland and Buffalo wearing them down early in the season. Tennessee seems like they figured out the roots of their problems in the draft, as well as free agency, and with a healthy Derrick Henry coming off one of the best seasons a RB has ever put together it is hard to think that the Chiefs defense can keep him contained as they did in the playoffs two seasons ago. Not to mention the likes of A.J. Brown and the addition of Josh Reynolds will keep the Chiefs secondary on their toes which will give Henry plenty of space and time to make his own.

As far as the Chargers and Bengals go, they are two very formidable opponents that have only gotten better from their best last season. Los Angeles was a bad play call away from beating the Chiefs in Week 2 last season so there’s no reason to think they won’t bring that same type of diligence.

And the Bengals play the Chiefs in Week 17 when I think the Chiefs will have already secured their playoff position and have some second-stringers playing against the likes of Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd, making Week 17 a loss but an understandable and acceptable loss like the Chiefs vs. Chargers at the end of last season.

After a tough game against Cincinnati, there could be a similar-looking game against Denver a week later but I think that even the Chiefs second-stringers could put together a win against the likes of the Broncos’ aging defensive pass rush and their inconsistent offense.

From the perspective of the Arrowhead Live crew, it would seem the Chiefs have the playoffs locked, a few key losses staining an otherwise perfect season, and another trip to the Super Bowl firmly in the grasps of Mahomes and Reid. But everyone has seen how some NFL seasons go for teams or players and we can all agree we truly never know what a team will look like over the course of five months.

No matter what, the Arrowhead Live staff is prepared to take every step toward a third-straight Super Bowl appearance right alongside the fans and the organization.

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