Way-too-early AFC Record predictions

It’s never too early to look at the upcoming season. With the draft less than two weeks away and all 17 opponents set for the season, let’s have a little fun.

Buffalo Bills 11-6

Another AFC East Championship for the Bills, but I think the rest of the division is pulling closer.

Miami Dolphins 10-7

Not enough moves to get the Dolphins into the loaded AFC playoffs. Let’s see what moves they can make in the draft.

New England Patriots 9-8

No team has been more involved in free agency. I don’t think it’s enough without addressing the quarterback position.

New York Jets 4-13

I am more optimistic than most on the offseason moves of the Jets, but who am I kidding, they are still the Jets and will be fighting for another top-three pick next season.

Baltimore Ravens 11-6

Baltimore sneaks into the playoffs once again this year. This is not a knock on the franchise, just a testament on how strong the AFC is.

Cincinnati Bengals 5-12

The Bengals are improving but they play in the toughest division in the AFC. Joe Burrow and company will be competitive.

Cleveland Browns 12-5

The Browns were a Chad Henne finish away from an AFC Championship game. I have them winning the AFC North. This is a solid team that will look to take the next step to challenge the Chiefs in the AFC.

Pittsburg Steelers 9-8

Big Ben’s age showed itself toward the end of last season and free agency hasn’t been kind to the Steelers. They still have a solid roster but I think attrition hits them again this season, only earlier.

Houston Texans 3-14

Poor ownership and management coupled with the fiasco going around Deshaun Watson — it’s hard to believe this team was up three scores on the Chiefs less than two seasons ago. I struggled to find wins for this franchise and I may be overly optimistic.

Indianapolis Colts 11-6

The Colts should have won in the Wild Card round last season. I love the Carson Wentz move and the direction of the Colts, I just think there are a plethora of good teams in the AFC. The Colts will finish similarly to last season.

Jacksonville Jaguars 4-13

Have the Jags gotten any better since last season? Not really, but their schedule has.

Tennessee Titans 11-6

Due to tie breakers, the Titans won the AFC South in my simulation of the season this time around. The losses of Johnu Smith and Corey Davis aren’t great, but we all know this team rides on the back of Derrick Henry.

Denver Broncos 7-10

I had the Broncos previewed to compete for a playoff spot last season. I like their roster construction and young talent. The problem bodes at the quarterback position, having not addressing it, I can’t see anything but staying stagnant and their record will show that.

Kansas City Chiefs 13-4

We all know about the glaring hole at left tackle, other than that ,I think the roster has gotten better. The AFC is tough, but looking down the schedule, this is manageable. The wound from the Super Bowl is fresh but this team sleepwalked to 14 regular season wins last year. The Chiefs will win the AFC West and be the crown jewel of the conference.

Las Vegas Raiders 7-10

Jon Gruden does know how to build his roster to beat the Chiefs. The problem is Jon Gruden does not seem to want to beat anyone else. The defensive additions have been good but I actually see a step back for the Raiders.

Los Angeles Chargers 12-5

This is the team I see making the biggest jump in the AFC. I’m excited to see the jump Justin Herbert makes in year two. Playing the NFC East will be a huge bump in confidence for a team that was figuring out how to win toward the end of last season. It’s not enough to win the division, but they’ll have the Chiefs eye right up until the end.