ArrowChop: Could Demarcus Robinson hit the goals he’s set for himself?

Robinson boldly claimed that he will “put up 1,000 yards a year and 10 touchdowns”. Can Robinson prove it next season?

Hello again everyone and welcome to another week of the ArrowChop! This is the column where we look at the positives/negatives of a certain Chiefs/NFL issue and look at both sides of the aisle. Then you, the readers, will come to your conclusions after I lay out the case. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we break down this week’s hot topic.

Every person on this planet has a dream; whether it’s to be an amazing analyst or to bench press a certain weight by the end of the year, we all have dreams/goals we’d like to accomplish in life. A few days ago, Chiefs WR Demarcus Robinson has a dream, and that dream is to have a 1,000-yard and ten touchdown season in 2021-22:

This is a great mindset to have coming into the season; who wouldn’t want to set their goals high, especially in the NFL. However, the question that remains is that can Robinson actually accomplish a 1,000-yard and ten touchdown season? Let’s break down both sides of the aisle to find out:

Robinson can hit the marks he’s set for himself

This side of the aisle believes so as such:

Robinson has durability like none other on this Chiefs’ roster. Ever since he has drafted back in 2016 by the Chiefs, he’s been active for all 90 of the Chiefs’ regular-season games. Now with an added week to the NFL schedule, he has an extra opportunity to hit these marks as he predicted to be active for all games this year:

Secondly, Robinson has the innate receiving abilities to hit this mark. He has great speed for a wide receiver, he has excellent route running abilities as shown in season’s past, and he has elusiveness that is top tier; he can make people miss with ease. With all this and more combined, he could set the markers high for himself.

However, this is where the good for him ends.

Robinson can’t hit the marks he’s set for himself

This side of the aisle believes so as such:

Firstly, he hasn’t proven that he has a shot to hit these markers. Let’s take a look at last season, which was one of Robinson’s best years statistically. He caught 45 passes on 59 attempts, had 466 receiving yards, and caught three touchdowns. He hasn’t hit the halfway to 1k (500-yard) threshold yet in his career, so how can he hit 1k this season? In terms of touchdowns, his career-high is four in one season, which isn’t even halfway to ten. It tough to think he’ll hit these markers when he hasn’t even made it halfway.

One could argue snap counts, but then it would hold much faith. When he had his 466-yard season back in 2020, he had seen 65% of snap count per Pro Football Focus; however, in 2019, he saw 70% of offensive snaps but had worse numbers in catches and receiving yards. Even though this is a small increment, this is the most recent marker at which we can judge if higher snap counts would generate more production.

Secondly, he’ll have to be at least WR2 to have a shot to hit these markers, which will be a battle between him, Hardman, and Pringle this offseason. There is even the possibility that the Chiefs will draft a receiver this season with the WR draft class being absolutely loaded this year. Also, one must not forget that Hill and Kelce will take a majority of the targets next season. Before he says what he will do this season, he has to earn a spot to give him the possibility of achieving said goals.

Finally, he’s as inconsistent and as odd as one can be when he either has the ball or has a shot to catch the ball. Let’s start with when he has the ball; for example, let’s say Robinson catches a pass from Mahomes, and if he goes straight, he can easily get four to five yards. What does he do in this situation? Well, he runs backward or sideways which leads into lesser yards gained or a loss of yards. He tries to pull off Tyreek Hill-esque plays when we all know it’s tough to replicate.

Now, let’s look at catching. At times, he makes the most ridiculous grabs like this insane one-hand touchdown grab in the left end of the endzone or this game-sealing touchdown catch against the Falcons last year. At other times, Robinson can miss the easiest of catches and/or drop them. He could be a great WR for the Chiefs, but he has to remain consistent.

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