The Chiefs could revitalize Laquon Treadwell’s career; Here’s how

Laquon Treadwell, the 26-year-old wide receiver who is currently a free agent, could have a renaissance in his career here in Kansas City. He certainly showed glimpses of greatness in college, where at Ole Miss he put up a monster 2,393 yards in just three seasons.

These numbers were good enough for him to be drafted 23rdoverall in 2016 by the Minnesota Vikings. And while he struggled to find his footing in Minnesota, where else would a receiver want to play than with the most dynamic quarterback in the league, in a pass-happy offense?

This move has Brett Veach written all over it. Veach loves to sign former 1stround picks that either didn’t fit in with their former teams or were never given a proper shot to shine, examples being Reggie Ragland, Cam Erving, and Deandre Baker.

Veach values intangibles when evaluating players, things that can’t be coached. He knows if it can be coached, with the staff we have in KC, it will be. Treadwell showed he had these types of intangibles enough in college to be a 1stround draft pick.

Treadwell possesses a couple of skills that can’t be coached; the ability to catch the ball with his hands as opposed to using his body and an amazing wingspan to get those hands on the ball. These two things cannot be coached, and skills that can be coached will be by the KC staff. 

He struggled in Minnesota, where the offense is more run-focused than the one we possess in KC, and a crew of starting quarterbacks. Minnesota declined his fifth-year option opting instead to make him a free agent. He signed with the Atlanta Falcons last year and worked his way up from their practice squad to a viable WR3 option for an on his way out Matt Ryan.

Treadwell hasn’t had a solid starting QB since he entered the league, with the streaky Kirk Cousins being the closest thing to that he has seen. He could come into KC and play with arguably the best QB in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes, picking up a few tricks of the trade along the way from receivers like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. They have had to work hard to establish themselves in the league and maybe some of that work ethic could rub off on Treadwell.

Treadwell would have his work cut out for him in KC, and probably have to battle his way up from the practice squad a la Byron Pringle. But he has shown the ability and motivation to do that before, having started on the practice squad just last year and working his way onto the field where he caught 2 touchdown passes.

As of right now, the Chiefs have an opening at the WR2 position with Sammy Watkins leaving town, and there is certainly room for another set of quality hands to catch the ball from Patrick Mahomes. Between the amazing coaching staff the Chiefs possess, and the best QB in the league, these two things could totally revitalize Laquon Treadwell’s career, turning him from a bust to a breakout star.