How the Chiefs offensive line can overcome adversity

Many across the nation have looked to the Chiefs’ offensive line as a spot that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can look to exploit. It will not be that easy.

At this point in the season, both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs are battling injures as most other teams that have played in the Super Bowl have. However, the Chiefs are missing four of their five starting offensive linemen, which as I am sure many of you are aware is not great.

Long time starting left tackle Eric Fisher tore his Achilles in the AFCCG which compounded on what has been an injury-filled season upfront for the Chiefs. This moved Mike Remmers from right to left tackle and moved Andrew Wylie to right tackle, who was then replaced by Stephen Wisniewski at right guard. Mike Remmers has been the Chiefs biggest free-agent signing of this past year because it looks like he will be starting a game at his third position of the season.

Andy Reid will have some ways to help his offensive line, but there is a blueprint for how they can handle the Buc’s pass rush as well as how they will look with a makeshift offensive line.

Tampa’s pass rush has gotten better every week and they peaked in the playoffs recording five sacks in the NFCCG. They were able to generate pressure with an impressive front seven who has played more aggressively each week, so the Chiefs will need to go into the playbook to find ways to help out the boys upfront.

Moving the pocket is something the Chiefs have done well this year to buy time for Mahomes to throw and he has also excelled on the run. Using backs to help chip the edge players will also play a factor this week.

We could also see the Chiefs line up players in the slot out of a tight bunch formation toward the line of scrimmage, and then chip back in to slow down the defensive line.

At the end of the day, they just need to buy time for Patrick Mahomes to make things happen. This unit has been scrutinized all season long and now they face one of their toughest tests yet. If they can play harder than the man across from them for 60 minutes then they should have a good day.