Power Rankings Digest: Playoff teams

The regular season has ended and we are heading into the playoffs. For this ranking, I am only ranking the teams that have made the playoffs.

The Chiefs are the betting favorites and have stayed as the best team all year. This isn’t changing heading into this week’s Wild Card weekend. If the Chiefs play their A-game, there is no one that can beat them. I don’t think you can say that for any other team in the league.

Also, the crazy thing about them, they can not be on their A-game, but will always have a chance as long as Mahomes is on the field. Just look at last year’s playoff run and Super Bowl. They were down 20-10 in the Super Bowl with around six minutes to go in the game. They won by double digits.

After the Chiefs in the AFC, the Bills are the clear number two. The Bills have yet to prove they can do it in the playoffs but have had a tremendous regular season. They are looking to stay hot heading into the first round.

The Packers are the best team in the NFC and Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as he has in his entire career. I wouldn’t count the Saints or the Bucs in the NFC though. The first-round bye for Rodgers and the Packers makes them the clear favorite though. Their defense will just have to play well enough to not take them out of games.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Buffalo Bills
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  6. Baltimore Ravens
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers
  8. Seattle Seahawks
  9. Tennessee Titans
  10. Indianapolis Colts
  11. Los Angeles Rams
  12. Washington Football Team
  13. Chicago Bears
  14. Cleveland Browns