The GMKC: Revenge

“These were not games, games are fun, these were wars.”- Len Dawson on the Chiefs and Raiders rivalry in the 1960s.

The arrogance of the Las Vegas Raiders is unmatched. I am unsure that the Raiders have won a playoff game in my short 23 years on this earth, but they acted like they won one about a month ago. They came into Arrowhead Stadium and knocked down the champs, and gave the Kingdom its first loss since November of last year. The game was what it was, I wrote a couple of articles about it, you can view them here and here.

The Raiders gave the Chiefs a taste of their own medicine, but they left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone, players, coaches, and fans. Losing to the Raiders is one thing, but to hear about them taking victory laps around Arrowhead is another. Jon Gruden is barely a .500 football coach for his career, perhaps the most overrated coach of all time, and he had the Raiders take a victory lap around Arrowhead stadium. A victory lap.

So much for acting like you have been there before, which he hadn’t, so I suppose we can’t fault them too much, but as Raider Nation celebrated the week five Championship a fire was sparked in the hearts and minds of the Chiefs.

For Jon Gruden to lead a victory lap around the stadium in which he finally won a game, and had been dominated so many times before is the most arrogant thing he could have done. Act like you have been there before, oh wait.

The arrogance of the Raiders is not to be tolerated, and this week it will be a war out there. We have gotten used to seeing Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have fun. There will be no fun this week, it will be an all-out assault on their will to play the game of football.

This is not a game, this is a war, and right now the Raiders dared to disrespect the champs. Andy Reid off a bye, give me the Chiefs 44-17. Come Sunday it is a bad day to be a Las Vegas Raider.