Chiefs-Bills week 6 game moved to the weekend

Note: When first published, we reported that the game was moved to Sunday, but an official NFL announcement did not specify a date, and Saturday or Sunday is on the table if Titans-Bills goes on scheduled on Tuesday.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak within the Titans organization, the NFL moved the Titans-Bills matchup from Sunday to Tuesday. As a result, next week’s matchup between the Chiefs and Bills has been moved to later in the weekend.

This change only holds if there are no more positive tests in Tennessee, where there are nearly two dozen cases within their organization.

For Kansas City, this change (if it holds) will give the team a few extra nights of rest before playing again, as they were slated to play three games in 11 days after playing Monday versus New England.

After playing New England, Kansas City has not had any positive tests, aside from practice squad QB Jordan Ta’amu, who tested positive two days before the game.

The Titans-Steelers week 4 game was already moved to later in the season, and the NFL can’t afford to move another Tennessee game without having to get really creative with making it up, if they even could without flipping the schedule upside-down.

Tennessee could be facing massive discipline from the league, pending an investigation into team gatherings after the team facility was closed.

In addition to the Titans-Bills postponement, the Broncos-Patriots game was moved to Monday night, giving football fans another Monday doubleheader.

The Patriots have had a few positives, most notably QB Cam Newton and star CB Stephon Gilmore.

After a few weeks of smooth sailing, the next few weeks are huge for the NFL if they hope to play a full 16-game regular season and a full postseason.