Former Chiefs HC Romeo Crennel gets another shot with the Texans

It’s official! The Houston Texans have finally gotten their heads screwed on correctly as they’ve fired the atrocious head coach/general manager known as Bill O’Brien. A lot of people thought Adam Gase would be the first coach to be fired this season, yet I’m sure barely anyone care who would bite the dust first; especially Texans’ fans as to it them, it feels like they’ve won the Super Bowl.

Who will be replacing O’Brien you may ask yourself? Well, it’s none other than former Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel. If you’ve forgotten (like yours truly did) and don’t recall who he is, let me give you a refresher. He started out working for the Chiefs as the defensive coordinator in 2010, but moved up to the head coaching position for three games in 2011 after Todd Haley’s termination and served the entire 2012 season as the head coach.

In those first three games, Crennel finished with a 2-1 record, so the future looked somewhat bright for the Chiefs. Then just as suddenly, it didn’t. Chiefs’ fans don’t speak of the 2012 season, one of the worst seasons in Chiefs history as they finished 2-14. Even though the season was terrible, they were able to secure some significant players for the future ahead in the 2013 NFL Draft (Travis Kelce and Eric Fisher).

Change is welcomed for Houston

With that short history lesson in the books, it seems as though that Texans players, fans, and Crennel himself are fired up to see what he can do for this organization. Fans believe that Crennel can bring continuity, experience, and his championship demeanor to the Texans’ organization, which isn’t a surprise as he has had decades of coaching experience and he’s a 5-time Super Bowl Champion (two with New York Giants and three with the New England Patriots).

It was long overdue for coaching change after O’Brien’s many blunders in the playoffs and his questionable decision making as a head coach, play-caller, and general manager. They include but are not limited to the DeAndre Hopkins trade (he couldn’t receive a first-round pick for his kind of talent), blowing a 24-0 lead to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round last season, wanting Brock Osweiler as the Texans starting quarterback (NFL fans everywhere remember that highway robbery), his horrible 4th-down play calls especially not knowing it was 4th-down on a drive that could’ve put them up 28-0 in the Chiefs playoff game last year, paying Randall Cobb $18 million guaranteed this season when he’s not even a starter, and much more. After reading all of that, you have to feel bad for Texans’ fans all around the globe.

As I said before, that era is over and Crennel will have another shot as a head coach in this league. This may be his last shot as he’s 73 years old and is nearing the phase to when it’s time to hang up the playsheet and the headset; hopefully, he’ll be able to make one last mark in the NFL by trying to save the Texans season from tumbling more downhill than it already is.

At the end of the day, this could be a sign that the Texans’ struggles could dwindle before it became worse. They probably won’t make the playoffs or even win the division, but with a new direction the organization is taking, maybe they will have a greater shot at dueling for a spot in the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a pleasant day!