Necessary Roughness: The majority of the sports world postponed their games in light of the recent police shooting; Is the NFL next?

With multiple sports organizations sending a strong message against racial injustice, and the Washington Football Team calling off an upcoming scrimmage, could actual NFL games get postponed?

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott their playoff game against the Orlando Magic in protest to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake. On Sunday, Blake was shot seven times in the back after resisting arrest.

Soon after the boycott, the rest of the NBA followed, then so did the WNBA. There have been reports of NBA teams voting to boycott the rest of the season. Major League Soccer called off five matches and Major League Baseball postponed three games, as well. The most recent postponement was in the NFL where the Washington Football Team called off Thursday’s upcoming scrimmage.

The team released a statement.

So, what is next for these protests? The NFL regular season kicks off in about two weeks with the Chiefs taking on the Texans at Arrowhead stadium. Could that game be in danger of being postponed? Many NFL stars have shared their thoughts towards the Jacob Blake shooting already.

After retweeting the NBA news, Chiefs’ safety Tyrann Mathieu expressed his anger.

Safety Jamal Adams expressed actual fear when it comes to the safety of himself and his family.

On Wednesday, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid made a statement in his press conference regarding the shooting.

“Everybody needs to come together and join hands, like I said. And love each other for what we are, and the privilege that we have in this short period of time that we are on earth, as opposed to walking in fear. To walk with strength and pride and make this country the greatest place ever along with the world”

Chiefs Quarterback, and one of the biggest stars in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes has already spoken out against racial injustice after the death of George Floyd in May. The reigning Super Bowl MVP was among several black NFL players that were involved in a video asking the league to admit that their initial response to peaceful protesting was wrong. This caused commissioner Roger Goodell to release a statement saying, “Black Lives Matter”.

It is hard to say whether or not the Chiefs would want to take the same steps that the Milwaukee Bucks have taken and postpone their September 10th season opener. As a fan of the game, and a giant Chiefs fan, I hope they will continue to play as scheduled. However, to the players, this is obviously an issue that is bigger than a game. To them, this is their platform for change, and the NBA has shown us that they intend to use it.

Today, society is undoubtedly divided. The argument of what’s right and wrong has never been so unclear. However, whatever stance you have in this world, Andy Reid’s words should be the one thing that we take away from this: Come together and love each other for what we are.