Could Thaddeus Moss be a target for Chiefs with Seals-Jones sidelined?

Thaddeus Moss was a premier tight end prospect coming out of LSU and is the son of football Hall of Famer Randy Moss. With Ricky Seals-Jones suffering from a potentially serious leg injury, could he end up being a target for the Chiefs to add another potential weapon to this already devastating offense?

After getting injured prior to the NFL draft, Moss slipped and ending up going undrafted. Doctors at the combine discovered a fracture in the right foot of the younger Moss during the medical exam, preventing him from participating in any drills.

The 6-foot-5, 250 pounder from Charlotte had just put up the most productive season ever for a tight end in LSU history after finishing the season with 47 catches for 570 yards and 4 TDs, scoring 2 of them in the College Football Playoff National Championship against Clemson.

He did end up signing with the Washington Football Team after the draft, but would probably have been drafted in the later rounds if it hadn’t been for the foot injury, which ended up requiring surgery. The recovery time for a broken fifth metatarsal like the one Moss had is generally 6-8 weeks, which would put him back in time for the start of the season.

The Washington Football Team waived Moss last week, calling the move “procedural” and that Moss will be placed on injured reserve if he clears the waiver wire. Could the Chiefs put in a claim on Moss? We certainly are not unfamiliar with banged up tight ends this season, with backup Deon Yelder dealing with a groin injury and new free agent signee Ricky Seals-Jones having to be carted off the field after a training camp injury last week, which sounds serious with the appearance of the cart at practice.

It’s too bad that Seals-Jones is already banged up, as the Chiefs were finally set to have a weapon behind Travis Kelce at the TE spot, especially after losing Blake Bell in free agency this offseason. Seals-Jones had just signed a one-year prove-it deal to come up and catch some passes from Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have been sorely missing a solid backup TE ever since Demetrius Harris walked prior to last year in free agency, and Seals-Jones looked to be an answer to those questions.

Could Thaddeus Moss be an answer to those concerns? After locking up Travis Kelce for another four years, this could give the Chiefs a chance to let a younger player grow up in the shadow of one of the all-time great TE’s. Moss could learn from one of the greats while also catching passes from another, and wouldn’t need to step in the prime time role until Travis Kelce either loses a step or leaves.

This move could make all the sense in the world for a team with depth concerns at tight end and gives a shot to a player who comes from an all-time great family bloodline. Andy Reid even said so after the Super Bowl last year, telling Moss that he needed him “to send his son to Kansas City.”

It already has the blessing of the coach, so why not make the move and put in a claim on waivers and bring the kid in? He could rest his foot for a little while and move at his own pace in an offense that is absolutely loaded with talent, similar to the one he was in back at LSU. The Chiefs already have one rookie from LSU, why not make it two?