ArrowChop: Is there a cause for concern with the number of injuries in the NFL?

With all of the injuries occurring as of now in the NFL, is there a cause for concern with the number of them that are happening?

Hello again everyone and welcome to another week of the ArrowChop! This is the column where we look at the positives/negatives of a certain Chiefs/NFL issue and look at both sides of the aisle. Then you, the readers, will come to your conclusions after I lay out the case. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we breakdown this week’s hot topic.

Injuries… no matter how minor they are, like a muscle strain, it’s terrible when you have them as you’ll probably sit at home in pain, and no one enjoys that. If your job consists of being an athlete, then any kind of injury can put you in a detrimental struggle, especially if you’re fighting for a spot on the 53-man roster.

In this year’s NFL training camps we’ve seen a ton of injuries, ranging from minor ones to season-ending ones like what happened to Gerald McCoy (he ruptured his right quadriceps tendon Tuesday). 2020 is only getting better, am I right? Anyways, we must ask ourselves if there is a cause for concern with the number of newer injuries in the NFL. Let’s break down both sides to see if we should be worried in any way.

There is a cause for concern

One point that draws upon this is the teams’ injury lists and how large some of them are becoming. Some examples include the Buffalo Bills, who have seven players injured as of Aug. 21, the Kansas City Chiefs, who have ten players injured (this excludes Sammy Watkins (practiced), Chris Jones (practiced), and Breeland Speaks (suspended)), and the New York Jets, who have thirteen players injured.

It’s like the injury sliders were turned up like in Madden as the number of injuries is unprecedented. It keeps climbing with no end in sight and when the actual NFL season starts, the lists have a high probability to skyrocket to new heights that nobody wants to see. The players themselves must make sure that they don’t fall behind too much, so the lists don’t climb to that horrid height.

Another point that is brought up is that the COVID pandemic has a direct correlation to the lists of injuries that we’re seeing now. Due to the pandemic, all of the NFL facilities were closed, along with the teams’ training facilities and face-to-face interactions with the trainers. While players were able to condition at home, it doesn’t have the same effect as training in the facilities where you’ll achieve a greater result. This could’ve led to players “leaving the norm” that they were used to every season.

There isn’t a cause for concern

The main point that drives fans to this is the blatant fact that football is a contact sport, and injuries are a part of it. No matter if you’re playing in the Super Bowl or playing in a scrimmage game at practice, you’ll still have a chance to be injured. You’ll always see a star player having a season-ending injury and you’ll always see a player get injured every time you watch a game. It just happens and the fans/players accept that as a fact.

In short, those are the cases for if there is a cause for concern with the number of injuries happening in the NFL. This column was much shorter than I expected, but each side has a limited number of point(s) that I can use. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!