Which NFL stars on new teams will shine brightest this season?

With a mother lode of player movement within the NFL, which newly signed NFL stars will shine the brightest this season?

The free agency/trade market has truly seen some unique and utterly shocking player signings. We have seen a GOAT sign with a team with that has an explosive receiving core, a monstrous TE make a comeback with his longtime friend/teammate, had all-pros/pro-bowlers sign with other teams, and so on. With a large list of acquisitions, there will be some that will falter, some that will play decently, and others that will explode into a new era of greatness. It is like that every single season. Now, we must ask ourselves about which NFL stars will shine brighter than the sun this season. Here’s the list of players that have the highest chance to do so!

Kyle Van Noy – Miami Dolphins

Van Noy was signed by the Miami Dolphins this off-season to a 4-year, 51 million dollar contract, which could benefit his game and the Dolphins defense. Why is that so you may ask? Well, Van Noy played under former New England defensive play-caller and now Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores for 3 years at New England, which helped earn themselves two Super Bowl rings. Flores knows what Van Noy can do disrupting offenses and Van Noy knows the mindset of Flores, which in turn works to both sides’ benefit. It happens a lot when former Patriots players leave Belichick’s system and they do substantially worse. Jamie Collins is one of the more recent examples as he didn’t play to the level as he did with the Patriots when he was traded to the Browns. Even though that holds, Van Noy has a great shot to break that stipulation.

Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady, the ageless wonder that he has been for the past couple of years, has everything he truly needs to shine bright with the Buccaneers. He has an exceptional receiving core with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin who both earned 1,000+ receiving yards on their end; along with one of the best TE duos in Chris Brate and O.J Howard. He also has one of the best offensive minds, Bruce Arians, coaching him; to validate this point, Arians has coached many legendary QBs like Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger and he was able to put Jamies Winston in a system where he threw for 5,000 yards. Brady has always been able to thrive when the odds are stacked against him and with the Buccaneers he will be ready to take on the odds once again.

Jamal Adams – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks formerly boasted the dominant L.O.B (Legion of Boom) in the early to late 2010s with stars like Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor leading the squad. That ship has sailed as now they want to usher in a new era to succeed them and the addition of Adams would benefit that. Let me explain further as Adams would now be the face of that secondary which he could use to his advantage. His skill and mindset allow him a high possibility to improve the entire core as a whole, which in turn, could develop an entirely new legion. With him being the unsung hero of it, he’ll shine brighter than he ever did on the Jets with all-pros and Pro Bowls coming his way each year. We also can’t forget about Pete Carroll who will be able to elevate Adams to his highest possible level of play.

In closing, this is the list for NFL stars that I believe will shine the brightest on their new team. I wish these three players the best of luck, along with the others I didn’t mention on this list. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.