BTK: Dear Chiefs, thank you for the lack of quarterback competitions

The National Football League present some of the toughest and hard-nosed athletes across the world, but no positional player is more valuable than the quarterback.

Andy Reid has been known as a quarterback guru of sorts and has frequented the changing of hands at the position due to situational strategy or just questionable play. However, since arriving in Kansas City in 2013, Reid has seemingly put a halt to these changes and put his full focus into finding the right man for the job and sticking to his choices.

Many teams across the league on an annual basis have struggles with this. As such, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn has consistently tetered between stating that Tyrod Taylor has the inside track to win the job, and Justin Herbert is the future without hinting at a time table.

Lynn recently spoke with ESPN about his “competition” at quarterback.

“I’m very familiar with Tyrod,” Lynn said. “But no position is final until we get to training camp right now.”The No. 6 overall pick in the NFL draft, Herbert faces an uphill challenge to win the starting job after an unusual virtual offseason program that prohibited the rookie — and his teammates — from taking the practice field.“We drafted him high to one day be our franchise quarterback, for sure,” Lynn said. “But I don’t want to put a timetable on this young man.”

I don’t doubt that the Chargers could be competitive with either quaterback at the helm, but the realm of consistency is tough to develope with a spot starter. Some might assume that this is the situation that Reid created with Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes in 2017, but keep in mind that Smith had been the starter for several seasons and had no reason to believe that Reid would pull him in favor of Mahomes.

The point is that Kansas City faithful should embrace the yearly reminder that Reid and general manager Brett Veach are simply too far ahead of the curve as it pertains to building what could be a dynasty. And, lastly, it is important to recall that Reid spent four seasons building a championship level roster for Patrick, which most quarterback starved teams are lacking. (PS – Sorry Sam Darnold, Deshean Watson, etc.)

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