Watson, not Jackson or Murray, holds second highest career potential

There’s so much talk about the new wave of QBs, mostly dominated by Patrick Mahomes…. but there are some good cases for number two.

Why it can’t be Kyler Murray

I don’t really know what to make of Murray just yet. His rookie season wasn’t anything special, but getting sacked 48 times isn’t very welcoming. His stock rises with experience the addition of DeAndre Hopkins helps. I like what Arizona is trying to do, but I’m skeptical of who they’re doing it with. I have no reason to trust Arizona’s front office. It wouldn’t be fair to judge Kliff Kingsbury one season in, so he gets a pass. While I do like Kyler Murray’s potential in this league, I just like a few others better. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing Murray work on his footwork and letting his reads progress. Even with that being said, I just can’t see him becoming a better player than Deshaun Watson.

Lamar is close

Lamar Jackson is beyond talented and has mastered one of his dual threats, and has made improvements on the other. His accuracy has been the talk since he entered the league, which has been shielded by the Ravens short game scheme. No other QB currently playing compares to what Jackson brings with his ground game, and probably only Michael Vick compares in general. It’s hard to ignore that Lamar only had a little over 3100 yards through the air. You add his rushing yards and in his first full year, he was responsible for 4,200 yards and 43 touchdowns. His case is strong, but it needs some context.

Why it’s Deshaun

Lamar Jackson was drafted into a good system, with a proven front office, and he’s done well for himself. I just can’t help but think what Deshaun Watson would be capable of outside of the grips of Bill O’Brien. That’s the only doubt I have about Watson’s immediate future. I say immediate because I can’t imagine Bill lasting in Houston that much longer, at least not in his front office capacity….which has been questionable. Deshaun Watson has less issues with his accuracy and his arm talent overall, and for longevity purposes that’s a win. Lamar’s game is electric and dominate, but it’s an obvious question…. how long can it last? I’m not saying Lamar isn’t capable of sitting in the pocket more and making that a bigger part of his game in his mid to later years. Watson wins out on pure arm talent, and has less future hurdles.

The future of the position is bright

Either way, the QB position is evolving, and it’s for the better. Mobility is becoming more and more commonplace, and the game is benefiting greatly. With Patrick Mahomes leading the way, this generation of QBs can end up being one of the best generations for the position.