NFL players call out NFL for lack of answers

NFL players took to Twitter today to voice their displeasure with the league and the lack of answers regarding a safe return to play.

The message was clear. If safety precautions aren’t met, there will not be a 2020 season.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the idea came from Miami’s Byron Jones. The NFLPA told ESPN that the players weren’t instructed to tweet, but NFLPA President JC Tretter’s tweet serves as the union’s statement.

For baseball, the MLB v. MLBPA battle came down to salary, which gave the sport a massive black eye. The NFLPA is taking a stance against safety issues, which will be met with more support than what the MLBPA received.

The NFLPA is requesting daily testing, no preseason games, and an appropriate “ramp-up” period before returning to game action.

On ESPN Radio’s Sunday Morning, NFLPA executive committee member Sam Acho said the league is not addressing many player’s concerns.

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“The owners, under the CBA or outside the CBA, their obligation is to provide a safe working environment for the players. … So if they don’t do that, we can’t play. It’s as simple as that,” he said.”

Both the Chiefs and Texans will have rookies report on Monday, and the two teams are set to open the season on September 10. Veterans for all teams must report by July 28.