Top 5 moments from Mahomes’ career so far

Patrick Mahomes owns the keys to Chiefs Kingdom for at least the next ten years. In honor of Mahomes’ giant contract extension, let’s take a look at the top five moments from his career.

5. Mahomes makes history vs. Raiders

In a regular season game in the 2018 season, Mahomes made history by becoming only the second player to record 50 touchdowns and 5000 yards in a single season. Mahomes recorded this in only his second year in the league at age 23, when the only other player to do it (Peyton Manning) was 37 years old. The play itself was an 89-yard bomb to Demarcus Robinson resulting in his 50th touchdown.

4. 27 yard rushing vs. Titans

Chiefs were down in the AFC Championship game vs. the Titans when he took matters into his own hands, or should I say feet, and ran for 27 yards and a touchdown to put the Chiefs up 21-17. The run was asbolutely spectacular and completely changed the momentum of the game after that.

3. Left-handed pass vs. Broncos

With the Chiefs trailing the Broncos late in the fourth quarter and Von Miller wrapped around Mahomes’ legs, number 15 mustered up something better than any football player could ever imagine– a left-handed pass to Tyreek Hill who ended up gaining enough yards for a first down. The play was about to be marked as over, but Mahomes Magic prevailed again and the Chiefs avoided facing their first loss of the 2018-2019 season.

2. No look pass vs. Ravens

The Chiefs were facing a 2nd-and-1 from their own 28 yard line as time was running out in the first half versus the Ravens. Mahomes had been pressured all game and once again he felt the pressure, but this time he was looking towards the right side of the field but released a laser to Demarcus Robinson in stride towards the left side of the field. The play resulted in a 17 yard pick up and the Chiefs were able to kick a field goal as time ran out, giving them a 17-10 lead.

1. Mahomes Magic in Super Bowl LIV

Things did not look good for the Chiefs at the start of the second half of Super Bowl LIV. Mahomes was not having his best game, but his leadership skills were really put to the test with the game on the line, trailing 20-10 with just 7:14 left in the fourth quarter and facing a 3rd-and-15. Mahomes asked the coaches to run “Wasp” which resulted in a 44 yard bomb to keep the Chiefs in the game. On the same drive Mahomes hit Kelce for a touchdown sparking the comeback of a lifetime.