Power Rankings Digest: Top 25 Fantasy Wide Receivers

Last week on the Power Rankings Digest we went through the top 25 RBs. Make sure you go back and check that out.

This week we are going to switch gears and move on to the WRs. Wide receivers for 2020 fantasy are loaded. It is extremely hard to differentiate from one to the next in a lot of places.

We will do our best go through and try and do just that though. Let’s get it.

1. Michael Thomas: Thomas is a fantasy stud. He racks up targets at a consistency rarely seen. This isn’t changing in 2020. He just got a big payday and is going to continue to be Drew Brees’ go to guy.

2. Davante Adams: People are extremely high on Adams this year. He is basically Aaron Rodgers only target on the outside and I expect Rodgers to go to him early and often. I am not ready to have him higher than Thomas, but he should be set for a great year.

3. Julio Jones: Somehow I feel people forget how incredible Julio is and he is often forgotten. He is so incredibly consistent. Jones hasn’t had a year under 129 targets or under 1400 yards since 2013. He is a stud. Draft him and be happy.

4. Tyreek Hill: Hill is a guy that is going to go a couple games where he doesn’t quite have the production game to game that the top three guys and that is why he is in the four slot. He has the ability, however, to completely blow up at a moments notice. He is arguably the greatest weapon in the NFL and is a long TD waiting to happen.

5. DeAndre Hopkins: The Cardinals didn’t trade for Hopkins to have him be just another piece in their Air Raid offense. He is going to be Kyler Murray’s favorite target and be ultra productive in this wide open offense. Hopkins should finish the year with another top fantasy performance.

6. Chris Godwin: If you listened to me on the latest Coach’s Corner Podcast (and if you haven’t what are you waiting for), you know how I feel about Godwin paired up with Brady. He is going to eat in this offense. Godwin is a more athletic and talented Julian Edelman and we know how well he performed with Brady in New England.

7. JuJu Smith-Schuser: JuJu had the unfortunate reality of playing with “Duck” Hodges and Mason Rudolph at QB last year. If Ben Roethlisberger comes back healthy I expect a big year from JuJu. This may be too high for some people, but I am high on the Steelers in general this coming season.

8. Kenny Golladay: Golladay is gaining steam as one of the best WRs in the NFL. He is getting Matt Stafford back from injury, who was on pace last year before the back injury, for a 5000 yard and 38 touchdown season. Golladay had over 1100 yards and 11 TDs with Jeff Driskel and company at QB for half the year.

9. Allen Robinson: Someday I hope the world gets to see what Allen Robinson could do with some consistent QB play. He is uber talented and puts out productive years with poor QB play year in and year out. Nick Foles may be a guy that can finally let Robinson thrive in 2020.

10. DJ Chark: Chark burst onto the seen last year. He finished the year with over 1000 yards and 8 TDs. The Jaguars are not going to be very good and are going to have to throw a lot to try and catchup. This could lead to a lot of yards for Chark.

11. Mike Evans
12. Adam Thielen
13. Odell Becham Jr.
14. AJ Brown
15. DeVante Parker
16. AJ Brown
17. Robert Woods
18. Tyler Lockett
19. Courtland Sutton
20. Keenan Allen
21. DJ Moore
22. Cooper Kupp
23. Amari Cooper
24. AJ Green
25. Terry McClaurin

The NFL is a pass happy league. There are a multitude of guys that can finish in the top 25 and you are really splitting hair with these guys. The top four are clearly a cut above the rest and any of them could finish atop the best fantasy performers.