NFL, NFLPA discussing opt-out date for players

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the league is discussing an idea that would allow players to opt-out of the 2020 season.

Quote via Kevin Patra of

“My understanding is both the union and the league intend to have an opt-out for players who have either a pre-existing condition, family (members) with pre-existing conditions, just general concerns over COVID-19, would not want to play this season. General managers were told on a call earlier this week there would be a specific date by which players would need to opt-out. That date is still to be determined.”

Other leagues have given the option for players to opt-out for 2020. Big names in both basketball and baseball have already opted out, including the NBA’s Bradley Beal and Victor Oladipo, in addition to MLB’s David Price and Ian Desmond.

MLB is allowing those who are deemed high-risk to opt-out while maintaining their service time and prorated salaries, but those who are not high-risk forfeit both of those. The NBA is also still paying those who opt-out. No players in either league face punishment for opting out. The NHL is allowing players to opt-out for any reason.

The NFL will likely implement a rule similar to the other leagues. Training camp is set to begin on July 28, and while the status of the preseason remains up in the air, the NFL still is set on kicking off its 101st season on September 10 in Kansas City.