Chiefs RB coach expects “big jump” from Damien Williams this season

Out with the old and in with the new. Understandably, that is the position of most fans in the NFL. The NFL is a league that is constantly changing. Every year, multiple coaches are released and hundreds of players are exchanged for the latest and greatest from the college ranks. It is no wonder, therefore, that Chiefs fans are bubbling over their latest addition, Clyde Edwards-Helaire. This explosive playmaker looks to add even more explosiveness to the league’s most potent offense. However, in the wake of the new excitement, many have forgotten about one of the Chiefs most dynamic playmakers, Damien Williams.

Some might scoff at the idea that Damien Williams is one of the most dynamic playmakers that suits up for Kansas City. However, one only has to look back to last year’s playoffs to recognize that Damien was simply spectacular. He logged a spectacular six touchdowns in the Chiefs’ remarkable playoff run and was, perhaps, the second best player on the field during the Super Bowl.

2019 started slow for Damien Williams. The Chiefs fell in love with a new, yet aging toy in McCoy and quickly pushed the former Oklahoma standout aside. Some might argue it was to limit touches since Williams had never shouldered the role as a featured back. Yet, clearly Reid was hesitant to trust Williams. Williams struggled to separate himself with the limited touches and saw McCoy taking more and more of the featured role as time moved on. However, McCoy’s lazy ball-handling technique would be his undoing as Reid pulled the plug on McCoy toward the end of the season. Damien Williams still struggles to take the reigns due to injury issues and had to wait until the playoffs to display his abilities.

Williams did not disappoint. He was simply spectacular in the playoffs. The undrafted RB logged 4.3 yards per carry in the playoffs and averaged 8.5 yards per reception. Moreover, when the game was on the line, Williams found himself as the go to guy in multiple crucial moments. This included the crucial go-ahead touchdown that he squeezed in by sheer willpower and the 38-yard touchdown run to ice the game.

Look, we all understand the excitement of the Chiefs new dynamic playmaker at running back. However, Chiefs fans should not be too quick to dismiss Williams. He is a player who knows how to excel under pressure. He has shown that not only is he a dynamic player who knows the offense, but he is someone Reid is more than willing to call upon with the biggest game is on the line. In fact, the Chiefs RB coach believes a “big jump” is coming from Williams this year. So while Chiefs should be excited about their shiny new toy, fans and fantasy football GMs should count out Damien Williams. He is an exciting playmaker who will be out to show that he has survived and thrived in the Chiefs offense for a reason. Perhaps Williams will be the one applying the pressure in the RB room this season.