Breaking: Chiefs extend Mahomes on 10-year deal (updated)

Rest easy Chiefs fans. Patrick Mahomes is going to be the franchise’s quarterback for a long time coming.

Adam Schefter of ESPN just dropped the news that Mahomes is signing a 10 year extension that is being added on the the two years he is still under contract. This keeps Mahomes in Kansas City until he is in his mid 30’s.

With the way today’s NFL is played, and how quarterbacks are playing into their 40’s, Mahomes will barely be hitting his prime when the deal is expiring. That is very scary for the rest of the NFL.

Donovan McNabb signed a similar deal with the Philadelphia Eagles while Coach Andy Reid was still there. What is going to be vastly different in this scenario is the amount of money.

There have been predictions from 35 to upwards of 50 million a year. Ross Tucker even Tweeted out that the richest deal in sports history that was just signed by Mike Trout in the fashion of 12 year, $426.5 million could be eclipsed.

The fact of the matter is the Kansas City franchise has searched for decades to find their next franchise QB. They finally found him in Mahomes. He brought the Hunt trophy back to Kansas City. He brought a Super Bowl to Kansas City and Andy Reid. He has brought a record setting MVP season. Pat Mahomes is worth every cent they are about to spend and Chiefs Kingdom has to feel good about where this franchise headed.

They are heading into a future that is going to “15” under center for over the next decade. Sorry about your luck AFC West and rest of the NFL.

UPDATE: Per Schefter, Mahomes’ deal will surpass $400 million in total.

UPDATE: The final deal could be worth $503 million over 10 years, per Schefter.