Acho: Patriots were a threat to Chiefs before Newton signing

With the addition of Cam Newton, some have put the Patriots back in the top tier of the AFC. Some oddsmakers even agree.

One of those is Emmanuel Acho, who say the Patriots are back in that tier with Baltimore and Kansas City. He even believed in Belichick and Co. before the Newton signing, which only made it clearer to him.

Quotes are from FOX Sports “Speak for Yourself.”

“The Patriots with Cam are absolutely a threat to the Chiefs, but make no mistake about it, the Patriots were a threat to Chiefs beforehand.”

Acho added, “And Cam Newton, because he is a playmaker, coupled with that Patriots defense, I do think they’re a threat not only to the Ravens, not only to the Colts, but to the Chiefs as well.”

Cam Newton is an improvement over Jarrett Stidham, and the Patriot defense remains one of, if not the best in the league. In addition, they are coached by the most accomplished coach of all time in Bill Belichick.

On the contrary, the Patriots have the toughest schedule in the league and will be facing tough divisional opposition in the Buffalo Bills.

That being said, if Newton can get anywhere close to the level of his MVP season, the Patriots will remain a threat in a top-heavy AFC.

The Patriots travel to Kansas City in week 4, and host Baltimore in week 10.