Kansas City should kick the tires on former star WR

As Kansas City gets ready to go for another Super Bowl, they should look to add more depth at WR

It is hard to get a more skilled position group in the NFL than what the Kansas City Chiefs posses at WR. With guys like Tyreek, Mecole, and Sammy, you might think a team would be content with what they have. However, the Chiefs can’t get complacent and be content, especially now. With Sammy’s injury history and the receivers behind him, one injury at that group could hurt the Chiefs. That is why Kansas City should kick the tires and go after Josh Gordon.

It sounds crazy to think that they should add another WR to the mix, but Josh Gordon could be a flyer that would make the Chiefs even more potent on offense than ever before.

Josh Gordon, as many of you know, has quite the off the field history. Being in and out of the NFL with failed drug tests and substance abuse infractions, he has never been able to quite find his place since 2013. That was the year Gordon exploded onto the scene in the NFL posting a league leading 1646 receiving yards with 9 TDs. When you look at Gordon there is no denying the physical specimen that he is. Being 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, he is a supreme athlete that would only add to the best WR group in the NFL. Here are two examples of what Gordon can still do:



I don’t think there is a much better spot for Gordon than Kansas City as well. As we all know the Chiefs have a very tight knit group and that has a lot to do with why 20 of the 22 starters off of last year’s team will be back this year. Everyone thought that New England would’ve been the place to go for him to stay in line, however, that still wasn’t the case for Gordon. We have heard from multiple players in the past that NE just isn’t the funnest place to be in the NFL and that might’ve been why it didn’t work for Gordon. Kansas City has Mahomes and Andy Reid which I think makes a huge difference among the rest of the NFL. Lets be honest, if you were playing in the NFL, would you not want to catch passes from Mahomes? As for Andy Reid, we always hear year after year how former and current players just love to play for Reid. He continually has players praising him saying that he cares about all of his players and wants to have a relationship with them all and that honestly might be exactly what Gordon needs.

The last thing that would be beneficial for the Chiefs is that he would be an insurance policy in case anything happened to any of the receivers. As we all know Sammy Watkins has a history of injuries and has trouble playing every game. Tyreek has had his issues in the past as well, so if anything, the Chiefs would still be getting a dynamic playmaker at a cheap price, so if it didn’t work out they wouldn’t be heavily invested like they are in other players on the roster.

If the Chiefs want a bargain on a dynamic player that could have an unlimited amount of upside, they shouldn’t look any further than Josh Gordon. It would just be another weapon to a stacked receiving core and you just never know, he could end up being a key part of the offense. This is all dependent on if he gets reinstated by the NFL, so we will have to wait and see. but if Gordon is reinstated, the Chiefs should be on the phone that same day.