Lamar Jackson wants Patrick Mahomes’ “cannon”

The comparisons between these two aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Honestly, both winning MVP awards have heightened those comparisons.
Is this our generation’s Peyton vs Tom? Two AFC giants facing off for a decade and some change. I’m here for it.

In an interview this week, with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rook’s, the reigning MVP admitted there is one piece of, Pat’s game he’d like, “I want that cannon. He got that cannon arm. I’d take that cannon.” Lamar himself claims he’s thrown a ball 100 yards.

If Lamar can throw 100 yards, put Pat down for 130. Watch as he throws a 90-yard pass with a flick of the wrist.

One MVP is not like the other, and that’s a good thing for the NFL. It’s nice to have two players at the same position, dominate in different ways. Throw in Deshaun Watson, and the AFC should be a battleground for elite QB’s for a decade to come, and hopefully a bit more.

What aspect of Lamar’s game would you want Pat to have? Kidding….like there’s more than one answer. Although…