Tyrann Mathieu hopes to “make voting cool”

Since the death of George Floyd, Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has been outspoken regarding the injustices many still face in the modern United States.

In a conference call, Mathieu noted the importance of the protests, but also pointed toward another way to make change.

“I think everybody can be a part of that (voting). And like I mentioned, if guys like myself and more guys like me, if we can make voting cool, if we can make that a trendy thing, we’re really changing the future. . . . One of the most important things is to vote, but a lot of folks don’t think that’s cool. Maybe we can make that a cool thing again.”

Mathieu and others are hoping they can influence people to vote and make changes to their communities.

Mathieu has teamed up with Patrick Mahomes to build a program to help inform people on the importance of voting.

This appears to be just the first step as Mathieu continues to use his platform to educate and influence others.