Four Chiefs players YOU should invest in

Investing is one of the keys to making money and sports memorabilia could be the one to open the lock of wealth.

If there is one thing all of us have in common, it’s our love for money. We all want to become rich or have more than enough to live out our lives in pure joy. Luckily, one of the best ways to make money is to invest; either in stocks or even professional athletes. That’s right, if you are able to invest in the right player you could make a few extra or thousands of dollars to spend at your leisure. For everyone reading this, I will help you all see which four players you should invest in from the Chiefs!

Mecole Hardman

This guy is one of our new stars in the offense and from how he plays, I can see that he can be a star in this league. He has already the made pro bowl and obtained second-team all-pro honors in his first season and I can see him being selected to more of these teams throughout his career. With his athleticism and his speed, he can turn into another version of Tyreek Hill; therefore, it could benefit the team dramatically. His cheapest autographed cards run for about $10-$18, while his higher-end cards range from $35 or more. Due to how he’s progressing, I don’t see this as a terrible investment at all.

Tyreek Hill

If I uttered the word “cheetah”, you would know about the player I was referring to in an instant.  He makes cornerbacks/safeties tremble in fear and he makes announcer’s question reality with his lighting quick speed.  With four pro-bowls, two all-pro appearances, and two 1,000 yard seasons, he will be an outstanding receiver/player for many years to come. I have no doubt that he will be one of the greatest receivers in the game. His cards range from $30 or more, but I expect his price to go up in the future due to how he’s played throughout his career and how he is expected to play with Mahomes at the helm.

Juan Thornhill

One of the most exciting players to watch during this past season was none other than Juan Thornhill. He finished the 2019 season with 58 combined tackles, three interceptions, a pick-six, and five pass deflections before his season-ending ACL tear that kept him from the playoffs. He has a chance to be one of the more dominant safeties in the league and with being under the mentorship of Mathieu and Spagnuolo, he has a chance to do just that. This would be one of the best times to invest in him as his autographs are selling for cheap! His lower-end autographed cards are selling for around $5-10 and his mid/higher-end ones are selling from $15 or more. This is a player you shouldn’t pass up on.

Chris Jones

This one is a clear no-brainer! Jones has proven himself to be one of the interior defensive linemen in the league. Even though he missed three games last season, he still finished with 23 tackles, nine sacks, four pass deflections, and a forced fumble, which is pretty amazing despite missing those games. We could put his spectacular 2018 season into the mix on why he is so great as he broke the NFL record for most consecutive games with a sack with 11 games. His autographed cards are cheap as of now with his lower-end cards going for around $10 and his mid/high-end cards are going for around $25 or more. This is an excellent pickup for any Chiefs fan!

Overall, these four players could be your guide to making some extra cash in the future. Just remember this: don’t overspend. These are not guaranteed and just my predictions and mine alone, so PLEASE be careful. If you know your limits, you’ll be fine.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!