Fantasy Football: Chiefs 2020 Player Value and Round Projection

We are still months away from any serious fantasy football leagues from starting, but that won’t stop us here at ArrowheadLive from talking about it. After 30 mock drafts (15 User PPR League), here are my observations as well as projections to help you destroy your future fantasy league opponents.

Tyreek Hill

Average Round Drafted: Round 1 Pick 12 Actual Value: Top 10 Player Fantasy Position Rank: 2nd WR

Three words, Yards and receptions. In 2019 Tyreek missed 4 games and still had over 850 yards. With an increase in targets coming in the near future, Tyreek will be a steal if he drops anywhere past the 10th pick.

Patrick Mahomes

Average Round Drafted: Round 2 Pick 8 Actual Value: 4th Round Pick Fantasy Position Rank: 1st QB

Let me be frank, no one should draft a QB before the 4th round. There is too much talent at the position to warrant wasting a 1st or 2nd round pick. In one of my drafts someone chose him with their 1st ROUND PICK! Mahomes might be the best quarterback/player in the league, but do not pick him unless he is available in the 4th round.

Travis Kelce

Average Round Drafted: 2nd Round Pick 9 Actual Value: 2nd Round Pick Fantasy Position Rank: 1st TE

Travis Kelce is the best TE in the league, fantasy or otherwise. He consistently gets over a thousand yards per season and baring a catastrophic injury, he is set to do so again in 2020. Kelce brings WR1 produciton at the TE position and if he somehow falls into the late second round do not miss the opportunity to pick him up.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Average Round Drafted: 3rd Round Actual Value: 4th Round Fantasy Position Rank: 17th RB

Clyde is going to be a force on the KC offense and I’m not denying that, but it will be at least week 8 before he sees the majority of the reps in the backfield. Remember, Damian Williams is still the feature back of this offense and has proven himself to Mahomes, and more importantly, Andy Reid. Rookies do not see much playing time in Reid’s offense and Clyde will not be any different.

Mecole Hardman

Average Round Drafted: 6th Round Actual Value: 2nd Round Fantasy Position Rank: 10th WR

Be prepared for Hardman to carry your fantasy football team to the playoffs this year. With WR2 stats last year and his IG full of training videos even a blind man could see that Mecole is about to BLOW UP in 2020. Expect WR1 type production from him this season. When a Sammy Watkins injury inevitably happens prepare for Hardman to receive 8 targets a game and average over 100 yards.

Sammy Watkins

Average Round Drafted: 9th Round Actual Value: 7th Round Fantasy Position Rank: 20th WR

After he voiced his opinion in a recent interview, there’s no doubt that Sammy will receive an increase in targets over the first 4 games of the season, but what will he do with them? Sammy is extremely talented, but aside from 1 game last year his fantasy production has been unpredictable at best. My advice, pick Watkins up in the late rounds and do not start him, wait for one of his 200 yard games, then trade him to the highest bidder dumb enough to think that a single, high production game is an indication of better things to come.

Damian Williams

Average Round Drafted: 9th Round Actual Value: 7th Round Fantasy Position Rank: 25th RB

Damian Williams will be the starting running back for at least 6 games in the 2020 season. His production has always been limited, but with Clyde waiting like a cobra to strike at the first sign of weakness does not bode well for him. Everyone knows that Williams is on his way out of KC, but do not hesitate to spend a late round draft pick on him. If your RB2 sustains an injury in the first few weeks he can serve as an adequate replacement.

Demarcus Robinson

Average Round Drafted: Undrafted Actual Value: 9th Round Fantasy Position Rank: 70th WR

D-Rob has been an asset in KC for years, however, his role in KC’s offense is going to be EXTREMELY limited in 2020. Hardman is going to have 1 thousand or more yards, Tyreek is Tyreek, and Watkins has requested an increase in targets. He MIGHT have a game this year where he goes off for 2 TDs and 200 yards… but I doubt it. Pick him up in the hopes you do not have to play him, or that he has a monster game that you can use to trade him for more than he is worth.

Chiefs D/ST

Average Round Drafted: Undrafted Actual Value: Whenever Your League Drafts D/ST Fantasy Position Value: 9th D/ST

The KC defense was underrated for most of last year. Luckily for fantasy football players, they are still underrated. Without Bashaud Breeland solidifying the secondary the value has gone down a bit, but make no mistake, this Chiefs defense is out for blood this year. Sack Nation is still intact, Frank Clark will be healthy, and The Landlord will be leading the charge to put the Chiefs defense back on the map. Mecole Hardman is presumably going to remain as the KR and PR, which bodes well for the special teams as well.