Farewell to a Legacy!!

In the 2005 draft with selection 99 the Kansas City Chiefs picked a young punter from the University of Tennessee named Dustin Colquitt. Not often do teams draft punters but in the Chiefs case he was replacing another rookie punter named Stephan Cheek, who at the time was only averaging 39 yards a punt. Colquitt became the starter in 2005 and of course we know the rest is history.

The Chiefs said goodbye to Colquitt after 15 years, releasing him for cap space and to pay new punter Tyler Newsome. The release freed up 2 million dollars in cap space.

“I have enjoyed my time in Chiefs Kingdom, all things come to and end, sometimes sooner than you hoped, prayed and pleaded for them to.. I’ll miss walking into the building and smelling the coffee, talking to everyone…it took me forever to weave through some of the most loving people you’d ever hoped to work with. I was a young kid when I first walked into Arrowhead, hell the indoor facility used to be 70 yards. Holding this post for 15 years has been an honor that I never took for granted. Thank you KC!” – Dustin Colquitt upon his release from the Chiefs.

Dustin’s father Greg was a long time NFL punter and a Super Bowl winner. His brother Britton was also a tenured punter in the NFL for several years and also a Super Bowl Champion. Finally Dustin added to the Super Bowl legacy of the family with a 2020 Super Bowl victory. Dustin also became the all time leader in games played for the Chiefs. Here a few statistics that wrap up a 15 year career: 238 consecutive games played, 1224 punts, 50,393 yards, longest punt was 81 yards, 44.8 yards average per punt, 5 career blocks and 462 punts inside the 20 yard line. He went from 65 punts in 2017 to 45 in 2018 and 48 in 2019, that speaks well for the offensive output since the arrival of Patrick Mahomes.

The Colquitt legacy began in 2005 and has impacted many of the Chiefs players over the years. His love for the game and his Christian faith have made him a special part of the Chiefs locker room.

Harrison Butker quotes, “It’s been an absolute honor and a privilege playing with Dustin in my 3 seasons. From day one you’ve been a pillar of the Chiefs franchise for 15 years breaking tons of records and just being an amazing ambassador for the organization. You prioritize your family above anything else in this world and they only come second to your faith in Christ. You’re someone every player in this league can look up to. I’m truly grateful for our time together and i will always cherish the memories we’ve made. I’m excited to see what your future holds.”

“Dustin has been an invaluable member of our team and, more importantly, has been a shining role model and champion in our community over the last 15 years. From all of us at Chiefs Kingdom, we thank you Dustin! We wish you nothing but continued success.” – Chiefs organization.

“It was and honor sharing the locker room with him. Wishing him much love and more success.” Tyrann Mathieu

“Dude taught me a lot in that locker room thanks pal. ” Tyreek Hill

Former teammate Brandon Flowers states, “I don’t know about any other punters in the NFL but Dustin had the juice in the locker room. One of the most consistent players I’ve been around at any position. Great family man, great leader, and a comedian on road trips as well. Enjoy retirement. Champ.”

Finally Mike DeVito writes, “Obviously Dustin is a Pro Bowl punter whose play on the field was crucial to the Chiefs success. That said his presence in the locker room as a leader and encourager is something more special. Grateful I had him as a teammate and for his friendship he was a great encourager, bringing out the best in those around him at all times.”

The Dictionary defines the word Legacy as such-Something transmitted or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

Thank you Dustin and I speak for the Chiefs Kingdom when I say goodbye to a legacy and to one of the best to ever play the game. Your integrity and encouragement go far beyond your teammates. Thank you for everything. We will miss that 5 second hang time. Legacy signed, sealed and delivered.