Willie Gay Jr: The best value pick of the Chiefs 2020 draft class

There’s one sure fire way to ensure that every QB you face during the season has nightmares the night before the game…put a hyper-athletic LB, who was so aggressive that he punched his own QB, on the current Super Bowl winning defense. Even worse is that he was picked in the second round. Gay Jr was the Chiefs “steal of the draft” and it should come at no surprise when he is a starter early in the 2020 season.

Willie Gay Jr. is a more athletic Isaiah Simmons without the reps or the hype. He has the ability to play all three LB positions, he has the instincts to intercept passes as a sub-linebacker in the nickel package, AND because he was drafted in the second round, he has the underdog mentality that produces grit on an NFL level. He also never misses tackles, he knows how to blitz effectively off the edge, and his ability to read the eyes of the QB makes him a menace in coverage. He displayed all of this in only FIVE GAMES. It should come as no surprise when Willie Gay Jr. makes a splash in the 2020 NFL season.