Updated Chiefs mock draft: Post day 1 selections

In a recent article, I hyped up Clyde Edwards-Helaire as being an extremely underrated RB that the Chiefs should target. Apparently, the Chiefs thought the same. The first round pick was a bit of a stretch, but I think Chiefs fans will not be disappointed with his performance in the 2020 season. However, the Chiefs still have 4 picks left to help cement another playoff run/Super Bowl appearance, and there is still plenty of talent left on the board.

Round 2 Pick 59: Trevon Diggs

(This second round selection is predicated on KC trading their 2nd and 4th round picks to Seattle.) A bit hopeful, maybe, but this draft has seen 6 defensive backs drafted above Diggs and I believe that we will see a few more go as well (Kristian Fulton, Xavier McKinney, and Cameron Dantzler). What he lacks in his ability to track the ball, he makes up for in physicality. He is a perfect fit in Spag’s mainly zone scheme, and he has the ability to cover deep down the field. The trade will definitely take away an opportunity to draft another contributing player, but it is well worth the risk when you consider what you’re getting.

Round 3 Pick 96: Akeem Davis-Gaither

Akeem’s performance at the Senior Bowl definitely put him on my radar, and presumably the Chiefs’ as well. Akeem lacks experience at the position, but has the ability to become a monster as a Will LB. He can cover TEs and RBs out of the backfield with his athleticism and is phsyical enough to take on the run. Akeem is a bit undersized at the position (6’2″), but does not lack the intensity and intelligence to make a major contribution for the Chiefs in 2020.

Round 5 Pick 177: Hakeem Adeniji

Adeniji is a quick, athletic offensive lineman and although he played his entire career as an OT, a move to guard is likely in his future. He lacks the arm length to play tackle, but would be an incredibly good fit as a LG. Not only does he fit the Chiefs needs at the position, he fits the Chiefs run scheme as well. The time it would take for him to transition to guard would be completely dependent on his dedication. However, he is definitely worth it due to the raw talent he possesses.