Tony Gonzalez teases return to the Chiefs

After the news broke about Rob Gronkowski returning to the NFL to Join Tom Brady and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez released a video exclaiming that he was coming back to the Chiefs.

Now, I do not believe Gonzalez is being serious. After all, he is 44 years old and is already inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, the thought of him alongside Travis Kelce is an intriguing one and he does look like he is still in decent shape.

Some Chiefs fans might not welcome back the franchise’s leader in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns due to his remarks he made in February 2019 stating that the Falcons made his career.

“You know what … Falcons, honestly, they made my career to come here. It really did. Nothing against Kansas City. I was there 12 years. But only three playoff games. But when I got to Atlanta, it was like all of the sudden you’re part of this winning organization. We’re on TV every week now, doing Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football games. I love it here. I love being back here.”

He later tweeted out an apology to Chiefs fans.

He also spoke kindly of Chiefs fans during his Hall of Fame speech in 2019.

“And so you Kansas City Chiefs fans, know how much I appreciated you — and how much I cherished the relationships before the game, after the game, coming out to the parking lot… getting cookies… burritos… words of encouragement. I love you guys. Thank you.”

So, let’s say that he’s not joking. What do you think, Chiefs Kingdom? Would you want Tony Gonzalez to put back on the 88 for the Chiefs run at back-to-back Superbowls?