Top trade back options for Chiefs from pick No. 32

The Chiefs own the fewest picks in this year’s draft with five total. Along with small draft capital, the Chiefs are tight on the cap with hefty contracts, including Frank Clark and Tyreek Hill. On top of that, the pending monster contracts for Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes are on the way. With the tightness on cap, the Chiefs need as many cheap contracts and players they can get, meaning Brett Veach could look to move back from the 32nd pick to gain more draft capital.

For this type of situation to happen, the Chiefs top targets would have to be off the board. However, in four of the past six NFL Drafts, the No. 32 pick has been traded.

If the Chiefs were to move back, here are some mock trades:

Chiefs trade the No. 32 pick to the Philadelphia Eagles FOR No. 53, No. 103 and a 2021 Pick

The Eagles are a team that could make a lot of buzz at the end of the first round. They have been rumored to trade up in an attempt to land one of the top receivers, but nothing has come about. If they were to keep their No. 21 overall pick and trade with the Chiefs to land the No. 32 pick, they could address two of their needs in the first round. The Eagles could grab a WR at No. 21 and a CB at No. 32. They could even draft LB Patrick Queen at the 21st pick and grab a WR at the 32nd pick, then addressing corner in later rounds.

For the Chiefs, it gives them two extra picks. They fall to No. 53, but add another third-round pick at No. 103. The Chiefs also gain a pick for next year’s draft, which could be big for their future plans. With two picks in the second round and two picks in the third round, the Chiefs can address their biggest needs at LB, CB, and offensive line. With the extra pick in the third round, the Chiefs can add another weapon to the offense or continue to improve the defense.

Chiefs trade the No. 32 pick to the Los Angeles Chargers FOR No. 37 and No. 112

For the Chargers, if they were to go in a different direction than QB with the sixth overall pick, a trade for the 32nd pick would make sense. By trading for the No. 32 pick, the Chargers could grab a QB late in the first round.

For the Chiefs, they move back five picks and acquire an additional fourth round pick. This trade would give the Chiefs the ability to add another cheap contract to the team that could play a valuable role. The only reason Veach would make this trade is if he sees a player that he likes that will be available at No. 37.

This could be a sneaky good trade for the Chiefs to get them an additional player in the draft.

Chiefs trade the No. 32 pick to the Indianapolis Colts FOR No. 44 and No. 75

The Colts traded the No. 13 overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers for All-Pro DL DeForest Buckner. The Colts could try to climb back into the first round by trading for the 32nd pick.

The trade would give the Colts the ability to address their secondary or add a weapon to the newly-acquired QB, Phillip Rivers’ arsenal.

For the Chiefs, they would gain a second and a third round pick. It is the same situations as the mock Eagles trade, but the picks are earlier in the draft and there is no draft compensation for 2021. The Chiefs could be able to address their biggest needs of LB, CB, and offensive line, while being able to add another weapon for Mahomes.

Chiefs trade the No. 32 pick to the New York Giants FOR No. 36 and No. 99

The Giants are in need of offensive linemen. Daniel Jones cannot be fully assessed without an effective offensive line protecting him. With the fourth overall pick, it is looking like the Giants will take Isaiah Simmons and could look to jump late into the first round and grab an offensive lineman. At the No. 32 pick, the Giants could get a lineman like Austin Jackson out of USC.

For the Chiefs, they would move back four picks and gain a second third round pick. Veach would make this deal if he sees a guy he likes at No. 32 that would be available at 36th overall. The 99th pick could go a long way for the Chiefs in adding necessary depth to the Chiefs. Moving back four picks to gain an addition third round pick seems like a no-brainer, as long as the main target is available.

Any additional cheap contracts the Chiefs can gain, the better with the pending contracts for Jones and Mahomes, along with the current cap situation, leaving them tight on money. If the price is right and the Chiefs top targets are off the board, Veach could definitely decide to add draft capital and move back.