Opinion: Jordan Love is no Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm in his first two years as the Chiefs starting QB. NFL analysts, as well as other sports figures, try to compare other QBs in the league, and even college, to Mahomes and the way he plays.

The way Mahomes plays the game is at an elite level that cannot be touched. With him being in his second year as a starter, he already made it to a Super Bowl and was named the Super Bowl 54 MVP. In addition to his Super Bowl win and MVP trophy, he touts a 2018 season that was good enough to earn the gunslinger the league’s MVP award.

With the NFL Draft just around the corner, there is a young prospect out of Utah State University by the name of Jordan Love. Jordan Love has received the attention of some people who say Love plays the game is similarly to Mahomes.

It seems that these professional analysts try to compare Love to Mahomes because of his arm strength and his ability to let the ball fly and get it downfield. Other than that, Mahomes blows Love out of the water in college stats.

Mahomes finished his three years at Texas Tech with 93 touchdowns, 29 interceptions, 11,252  yards passing and a QB rating of 152.0.

Love ended his three-year campaign at Utah State with 60 scores, 29 interceptions, 8,600 total yards and a QB rating of 137.9. This was accomplished competing in the Mountain West Conference. While he shredded most defenses, aside from LSU, the competition he faced was far from stellar.

Some would argue Patrick Mahomes played in a conference that does not play defense, yet he still found ways to make amazing plays. These are plays you don’t see Jordan Love making. We don’t see him making that cross body 40 yard touchdown bomb or that no look pass.

Love shouldn’t be compared to Mahomes because he hasn’t proven anything in the NFL yet. People are solely basing what he has done off of his college play. Let’s see how he performs against some of the NFL’s best defenses before he gets compared to the best QB in the NFL. Love, at this time, has way too much to prove.