Top Ten Plays of the Andy Reid Era: #5 Tyreek’s Tight Rope Return.

In 2016 the league was taken by storm by a blend of unseen speed, ball skills, field vision, and athleticism. Tyreek Hill was on the verge of becoming the most dangerous weapon in the NFL and he capped off his first regular season in style against the divisional rival San Diego Chargers.

This play is utterly ridiculous. We have seen Hill dazzle us with big returns before but this one is better than the rest. The Chargers actually cover this punt well, their gunners get good separation and press downfield to take away lanes from Hill. The left gunner even manages to get in front of Hill but runs past to avoid interference with the catch. Hill side steps and creates space. He surveyed the field and finds his run lane, breaking a tackle right before he turns on his second gear. The punter forces him to change the angle of his run as he heads toward the sideline.

Hill is moving fast and while he has outrun the defenders he can’t slow down and has Steven Nelson in front of him. Hill doesn’t break stride but in order to pull off the return he has to tightrope walk the sideline while pushing Nelson to the side so he can score. The balance is on full display but being able to have that kind of body control, as fast as he is moving is unbelievable.

Hill has been nothing short of spectacular during his time in KC and his time on this list much like his career, are only getting started.