Who is the better Chiefs RB: Holmes or Charles?

In the 60 years the Chiefs have been an organization they have had many great players, and many of those coming at the RB position.

The Chiefs have had greats like The Nigerian Nightmare Chistrian Okoye, who became the Chiefs all time rush leader in 1992, other greats that wore a chiefs uniform were the likes of Joe Delany and Marcus Allen, who left some sort of legacy with the Chiefs. 

In recent years the Chiefs have had two future Hall of Fame caliber RB in Priest Holmes and Jamaal Charles. But which RB is better? 

Both men had great careers while they were apart of the Chiefs organization. 

Holmes was a Baltimore Raven from 97-00 before he came to the Chiefs. After coming to Kansas City, Holmes would spend the remaining 7 seasons of his career in the Kingdom before he would retire in 2007 due to multiple injuries.

In Holmes’ first season as a chief, Holmes won the League’s rushing title, this was the first time a chief had won it since Christain Okoye won it in 1989. Priest ran for 1,555 yards and 8 touchdowns in 01.

During his 7 year stay here in Kansas City, Holmes averaged about 5 yards a carry and about 100 rushing yards a game. Priest Holmes would end his career with 86 Touchdowns and 8,172 on 1,780 carries. 

In the 2008 draft the Chiefs would draft Jamaal Charles in the third round. Charles would spend 9 seasons in a Chief uniform.

While Charles was in KC, made a name for himself and became a fan favorite and an all time great chief. Charles wasn’t only known for his speed but was known for the great plays he made

Charles owns the record for average yards per carry in the NFL at 6,856 yards. Jamaal averaged 5.4 yards a carry and about 90 yards a game. Charles only got better as he got further in his career even after he came back from the ACL tear he suffered in 2011, he would average 1,000 yards a season. 

Not only was Charles a weapon in the run game but he was a threat in the pass game as well. Charles went on to play for the Denver Broncos in 2017 and the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2018 before he hung up his cleats.

Jamaal Charles would end his career with 44 touchdowns 7,563 yards on 1,407 carries. Based on the stats Holmes is the better player.

In my opinion Jamaal Charles is the better running back even though he doesn’t have the stats Holmes did, Charles still bounced back from a ACL tear and would rush for 1,000 a season. Charles was tough and could make an explosive play at any time in a game. If Charles wouldn’t have torn his ACL I think the states would be a lot closer

I say Charles is the better RB, so I’ll leave it up to you Chiefs’ kingdom who is the better Chief RB?