Singled Out: The behind the scenes view of Frank Clark

Six years ago, as football enthusiasts waited to see how college superstars would fare in the next draft, Frank Clark had something else on his mind. Charges of domestic violence against his girlfriend resulted in three days in jail, and a subsequent order for a 25-week domestic violence class. With a new lease on life, and a new perspective, he was released and drafted in the 2nd round by the Seattle Seahawks.

Frank’s experience resulted in a vision and passion for helping the homeless and single mothers, wherever he may be. Escaping his own childhood of  homelessness and being raised by his single mother now meant he could make a difference rather than be shaped by it.chiefs royals

In the week leading up to the Kansas City Chiefs 2019 home opener (a bout with the Baltimore Ravens), Frank wanted to reach out to some homeless in Kansas City by bringing them to the game and honoring them.  This vision turned into a conversation with the Chiefs community relations staff and ended up being presented to the Women’s Employment Network. The vision resulted in seven single mothers and their collective 13 children being brought to the game in a specially ordered limo! The party was able to view the game from a private suite, and Frank did a meet and greet with them after the victory.

This story is my introduction to the Arrowhead Live community.  There are amazing writers here who focus on film study (something I also love!), some are putting out their mock drafts and focusing on breaking down this draft’s crop of young players about to realize a dream.  I plan to focus on feel good stories off the field for us in a time where sports are an escape, even when no sports are actively being played.