5 Madden-style trades for the Chiefs before Free Agency

Everyone wants to be the GM of their favorite team, with complete autonomy to make all personnel decisions in their own mold.

With Madden, you have the power to do just that. With free agency just about to start, the Chiefs are still in the market to make some moves before they spend a ton of cash to address their needs. That’s when I got the idea to switch on my PlayStation (sorry Xbox people) and start a connected franchise.

The first order of business was assessing needs and developing a wish list, so to speak. I determined that The following positions absolutely needed to be revamped or upgraded:

  1. CB
  2. RB
  3. MLB
  4. OLB
  5. EDGE

Now, keep in mind that in order to truly make this an accurate experiment, I am basing a good portion of this on Madden ratings.

In addition to addressing certain positions, figuring out what to do about Chris Jones also took priority. My hands were quite full of tasks in order to craft some perfect video game trades.

The very first thing I did with any player was franchise tag Chris Jones. One of the easiest ways to make a trade happen is to open up a tag-and-trade opportunity with a team looking for a complete wrecker on the interior. There have been talks for weeks now about the Chiefs tagging Jones, so I figured it was a safe bet to say it was going to happen.

With Kendall Fuller leaving for free agency and there being less depth at the positions, finding a corner is priority number one. I did some homework on who was available, and Darius Slay seemed to be the best fit among trade candidates.

Salary-wise, the Chiefs would save roughly $6 million as far as cap space. Darius Slay is set to make $10 million during the 2020 season, whereas the franchise tag for a defensive tackle is valued at around $16.2 million.

With Detroit cutting Damon “Snacks” Harrison a few weeks ago, the need for an interior lineman is there. With demand on both sides, the deal went through, with a 6th rounder to make up for the extra $6 million. That trade takes out two birds with one stone.

It was hard for me to find a RB that truly fits with the Chiefs, but I found a player that would at least produce. David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals has had some injury issues and some cold stretches during his young career, but he is still a back that can do it all. He is about to be in the second year of a three year, $39 million dollar deal, so it’s a lot of money to take it, but this is Madden, we’re not worried about that. Johnson is a player that can catch passes out of the backfield and hit his holes strong when called upon. With crazy agility and good acceleration, he can still produce despite injury concerns.

As far as addressing the LB positions, I started thinking of some crazy trades, the most fun to think about was possibly acquiring Anthony Barr, one of the best 4-3 LBs in the business. He was one of the first LBs of this new era of cover backers with insane speed. His ability to make a play in coverage paired with deceptive power makes him a threat at all times.

Anthony Barr is still in the early stages of a deal he signed last offseason with Minnesota. He is a good fit with the Chiefs defense in my eyes, and finding a way to acquire him would be amazing and certainly a Madden-style trade.

Tampa Bay moved to a 3-4 this year, allowing for Lavonte David to show his skills as an ILB. Many years prior, he was an OLB in a 4-3. He has incredible versatility to play any LB position needed, and he just hit 30 years old in January. Now, this doesn’t really seem like a feasible trade, but according to Madden, Tampa Bay was very willing to move off of David. He would be a really solid fit for KC.

The last trade idea is another very interesting one. Yannick Ngakoue was just franchise tagged by the Jaguars, and all reports point to them wanting to move off of him. If KC franchise tags Chris Jones, there could be an opportunity for a true tag-and-trade here.

Pairing another edge rusher opposite Frank Clark is something that could very well aid this Chiefs defense that at times struggles to get it together. Ngakuoe is a young 4-3 edge with incredible promise who has already shown great ability to wreck the outside. Frank Clark and Yannick Ngakoue could be the next big edge-rushing duo in the NFL.

There are many Madden-style trades that could truly shake up the league and greatly improve the Chiefs from what is already an incredible team. Of course, most of these options aren’t likely, but, after all, we are talking about a video game.